01 Mar 2017

The benefits and technological advancements of glazing products for your project


Once, conservatories had a bad reputation. They were the tacky white boxes that stifled you in summer, froze in winter and were a constant headache to keep clean and maintain. Not so in 2017, says Norman Hornigold, Sales Director of leading home improvement specialist, SEH BAC.

Modern technology and manufacturers that strive to meet ever-increasing customer expectations have resulted in a fabulous choice of stylish, tasteful, high-performance conservatories and glazed extensions suitable for any project or property.

“Of the UK’s over three million conservatories, a large proportion of them come from a time when the average conservatory product was much more basic, and homeowners were much less discerning,” says Norman. “That is where the negative associations some people still have about conservatories stem from – but in a relatively short amount of time, the technology has drastically improved.

“High-maintenance polycarbonate roofs have been replaced by state-of-the-art, self-cleaning glass, while modern uPVC and aluminium frames offer the sort of fantastic thermal efficiency and insulation that keeps heat in, draughts out and keeps energy bills low. In summer, vents, fanlight windows and reflective roof glazing keep interior spaces cool and comfortable – and whether you’re looking for an all-glazed conservatory, or something that feels more like another room in your house, there is now an amazing range of products to choose from.


“At SEH BAC, for example, the perfect choice for homeowners looking to blend the traditional conservatory with a brick-build extension, resulting in an airy, open-plan space that can be enjoyed all year round. Our glazed extensions offer exceptional thermal efficiency – their super-insulated columns mean that the resulting space uses half the energy of a similar sized conservatory.

“Then there is the LivinRoof – an amazingly versatile roof system that is suitable for any roof shape, and allows you to combine solid sections and glazing to meet your exact needs. Inside, the solid roof areas create a stylish vaulted ceiling capable of handling everything from a light shade to a chandelier.

“For homeowners, there has never been a better time to consider a conservatory. Whatever your tastes and the style of your property, there is a stylish, high-quality, low-maintenance product to suit.”


Seamless blend of old and new

This frameless glass link adds the perfect contemporary touch to the traditional brick property. A glass link was necessary for this project as the homeowners wants to create a connection that still allowed their beautifully-bricked building to be visible from the outside.

Metal beams were used to create a safe and fully supported glass link. Incorporating slim metal beams with the large glass panels creates an almost completely open space, maximising the natural light intake and views of the surrounding area.

Liam Lazenby, Estimating Manager for IQ, said: “Installing a structural glass link between a traditional home and an extension is a popular design choice. You get an impressive amount of natural lighting as well as creating a clean connection between the new and old.”

A solar control coating to the glass protects the highly glazed space from overheating under direct sunlight.

From afar, using a frameless glass link creates the illusion of a gap between the home and conservatory which is often a preferred method of extension for planning consultants and English Heritage.






The Glass and Glazing Federation has created a valuable online resource, www.myglazing.com, where you can get independent, up-to-date information, advice and inspiration to help you improve your home. www.myglazing.com includes an easy search function to enable you to easily find a reputable company to supply and/or fit your new glass and glazing products. All GGF members adhere to a strict Consumer Code of Practice, ensuring you receive a professional service and have the additional benefit of free and independent guaranteed protection.

The future trends in housing

Industry professionals have shared their predictions for the future of residential architecture in a national survey from Reynaers at Home.

The majority of respondents said that sustainability was high on the agenda for the houses of tomorrow. Looking at the current industry, architects agreed that energy efficiency is still a critical consideration when designing a project, with 48% of respondents citing it as the most popular trend. Architects predicted that there will be more properties built to meet energy demands and budgets for all ages, with a focus on flexibility and functionality supported by innovative design and quality. Maximising space and light were mentioned as key trends for the future, as well as amenities and space planning, cost-effective repetitive grid facades and floating corners with bi-fold or sliding doors below.

Compared with Reynaers at Home’s 2013 survey, there was a 12% collective increase in popularity for panoramic window walls, bi-fold doors and floating ceiling corners.

A clear effort is emerging to streamline residential architecture into a landscape of sustainable, affordable and efficient homes which maximise space, light and energy usage.

Rebecca Cope, Marketing Manager at Reynaers, said: “It’s fantastic to see that as an industry we are looking towards the future. Architects care about the people using their buildings, as well as the world around them. Architecture is about creating something that provides an excellent functional space for those who live there, and one that will stand the test of time. This sits in line with Reynaers at Home’s key values, as our product range of aluminium doors and windows boasts fantastic sustainability credentials.

“Reynaers’ products can contribute to the overall sustainability level of the building, thus achieving points for building certificates such as LEED and BREEAM. These certify that a building is designed and built to surpass national standards for a range of factors including energy savings, CO2 emission reductions and sensitivity to their impact.

“The range also offers good value due to its long-term high performance and energy-efficiency levels, reducing residents’ energy bills and the need for maintenance or replacement.”


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