03 Jul 2015

Take eco-action: Make your home an eco-haven


Sustainable and eco-living expert Tristan Titeux presents simple things you can do to make your home an eco-haven.

People looking to transform their homes in an eco-friendly way have more options now than ever before. There are many alternatives to mass-produced products that are free from dangerous chemicals and look fantastic around the home.

There are so many things you can do to create your dream eco-home. An easy place to start is to paint your home using eco-paint because it is easily available, cheap and easy for you to apply yourself. These paints are made using either plant-based materials such as linseed oil or abundant materials like chalk; these are healthy natural materials that don’t give off harmful fumes whilst also letting your walls breathe, which lets excess moisture out of the walls.

Another great way to up your green credentials is to switch to a renewable energy electricity provider. These source energy from wind and sun rather than coal and nuclear. Creating a huge demand for renewable energy would encourage the supply to follow.

Reusing and upcyling furniture is environmentally friendly and will save you money. Visit antique and second hand shops to find one-off gems or take an inexpensive item and upcycle it into something new. The most eco-friendly furniture you can buy is second hand, but if you want to have something new, invest in local craftsmanship. Feel proud to buy furniture created using natural materials grown in the UK and feel honoured to pass it down generations, just like we used to.

Back to basics

I am a big advocate of natural, because I believe that the closer you stay to nature, the better for your health and wellbeing. Think about the manufacturing and processing behind a product – has it been processed to the detriment of the environment?

Another eco-product I love is clay plaster – you can’t get much more natural than mud dug from the ground and put on your walls. There are many misconceptions about clay plaster, but it does not fall off, smell or crack, in fact there are many great formulas that look and work as good as gypsum based plasters. This material has a softer, more natural look and because it is a breathable finish it will regulate the humidity in your home – it will absorb moist air and let moisture back into the room when a space is too dry.

Lastly, make sure anything you buy that has been created using wood has FSC approval. This certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Eco-products we love:

• Paint from Earthborn: No oils or acrylics means no nasty emissions and high breathability.
• Strawboard bonded with formaldehyde-free MDI glue: This strawboard works like MDF and can be cut to make fitted furniture.
• Recycled glass from Bottle Alley Glass: Based in Yorkshire, this company fuses unwanted and recycled glass bottles into worktops, splash-backs and features in fitted furniture.

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