Nestled in a half-acre garden plot in a Gloucestershire village surrounded by historic landmarks of Castles and Keeps, this house stands out for its contemporary design sophistication, efficiency and innovation. Boasting timber-frame construction and renewable…
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So, the decision has been made. You are going to build an extension, or even better, your dream home. Your head is full of plans and you are eagerly collecting ideas, creating a mood board.…
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With the power to predict the future held exclusively in the hands of deities and delusionals, for the rest of us, it’s immensely hard to predict how our lives will look in 10 or 20…
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Team Stairkraft is always willing to step up to the next level for their customers, offering an alternative to the mass-produced stairs you find in many homes.
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Hanse Haus was founded over 85 years ago back in 1929, by Carpenter Herrmann Wandke, initially as a joinery workshop, which quickly grew to a regionwide house construction company. Since then, the firm has matured…
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CRL is delighted to unveil the winners of its Venturous Builds campaign – an inspiring new web series that will showcase Britain’s inspiring self-builders and their construction achievements.
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Package homes, despite their escalating popularity across the globe, are still shrouded in mystery, clinging to their post war, boring box-home stereotype. However, a lot has changed since the 1950’s and self-build package homes are…
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Houses come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, so there’s plenty to think about when bringing your dream home to life, and if you’re trying to do it sustainably then there’s even more to…
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There are a variety of ways to design the interior of a home to suit the requirements of a client. All clients are different and will want to focus on specific styles including traditional, contemporary,…
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Designing one’s own home is a rare and exceptional challenge that presents the opportunity to create a living environment that acutely mirrors your personality, habits and aspirations. Before you get there however, you’ll undoubtedly be…
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