29 Jan 2015
The self-build marketplace is home to a growing number of 'green' retail websites focused on satisfying the increasing demand from UK households for cost effective, energy efficient products and solutions.

New Government incentives are putting self-builders in a great position to get on-board with eco-conscious products. Here, Adrian Wright, CEO of renewable energy specialist Happy Energy, looks at some of the measures that will not only make a self-build project highly efficient, but also bring the added benefits of residual…

The eco-conscious self-builder knows that highly insulated walls and renewable energy sources boast green credentials, but ensuring a property is completely airtight is key to sustaining that precious heat.

Wall insulation is an essential element of home-building that can dramatically aid a property’s long-term eco-credentials. But what about the environmental impact of how that product is produced? i-build takes a closer look at an innovative insulation that produces zero waste at the same time as recycling unwanted textiles.

12 Jun 2014
With the ability to keep energy costs low and also contribute a sustainable element to self-build projects, ground source heat pumps have always been a popular choice with self-builders. Chris Davis, Commercial Director at Kensa Heat Pumps, explains why.

Reducing dependence on non-renewable energy is becoming increasingly important and what’s more, the government even awards renewable electricity generating technology with financial incentives through the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. Renewable energy advice specialists The Energy Saving Trust speaks to i-build about the many benefits of installing photovoltaic panels.

11 Feb 2014
The benefits of woodburning are well documented today with a revival of the activity over recent years still gathering pace. At the heart of this revival is the warmth and pleasure that a woodburner gives; providing an inviting atmosphere and beautiful views in a home from a natural and sustainable…

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