Today the foundations of a building are required to provide the basis for constructing a ground floor that is, or can be, both well insulated and free of thermal bridging. The basic element for this…
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Whatever stage of self-build you are at, the chances are that you are finding the process of designing and building to be challenging, and the technicalities daunting. Many self-builders actually project manage their contractors, as…
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Ground investigation for foundation design is crucial to avoid potential future problems which may result from differential settlement in weak ground or soil shrinking and swelling due to tree root activity. Here environmental consultant, Soil…
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When undertaking a self-build one of the most important aspects to consider are the foundations. Here, Swedish engineering company, Advanced Foundation Technology (AFT), discusses the use of a newly-launched foundation material to the UK, Groundshield.
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Ian Loughnane, Business Unit Director of Kingspan Timber Solutions, discusses why recent government announcements have caused a wave of disappointment across the home building sector.
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If you’re new to self-build, working out which foundation application is best for your project can be one of the most daunting aspects of all the construction phases and is difficult to budget for accurately.…
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