11 Jun 2019

Breathable mortars, coloured renders and wall insulation solutions from Lime Green

Every build should be a healthy build which stands the test of time. Lime Green makes a monumental difference to your project with honest and practical solutions, ensuring world-class consistency.

Lime mortars

Given that when we look at a building, 20% of what we see is mortar, it’s important you make the right decision for the best results.

Our lime-based mortars are highly breathable – ensuring any moisture within your walls can escape easily, reducing the risk of mould, damp, condensation or rot.

Not only does this create a healthier and more natural internal environment but it also ensures the building structure remains dry and stable.

You can use these mortars for bedding and pointing brick or stone across a variety of projects – such as renovations, conservation work, new builds and conversions.

Natural lime mortar – premixed, general purpose lime mortar.
Prompt mortar – specialist mortar combining the benefits of lime mortar with the rapid setting times of Roman Cement.
Ashlar lime mortar – fine-grained lime mortar for pointing tight joints.

Case study: traditional craftsmanship using contemporary technologies for Newport Street Gallery

Challenge: conversion of a terrace of listed industrial buildings which formerly housed workshops for theatre groups, carpentry and painting.

Solution: Caruso St John Architects designed the Newport Street Gallery, forming the whole length of the street, comprising three, listed, Victorian buildings. Lime Green’s lime mortars were specified to point both the external brickwork of the gallery and the brickwork encasing the spiral staircase. The mortars used were different in colour – outside to match the existing mortar and inside to match the bricks in the staircase.

Outcome: The project was awarded the RIBA Sterling Prize (2016) for the UK’s best new building. The judges of the award specifically noted how the staircase – for which Lime Green’s mortar was used – was ‘outrageously virtuosic*’.

* Virtuosic - displaying or characterised by exceptional technical skill.

Warmshell external insulation

Warmshell insulation systems help keep heat in its place while offering all the benefits of breathability. That means moisture can’t get trapped within a building’s ‘pores’ thereby reducing the risk of damp building up and damaging its structure.

You can insulate a building from the outside using Warmshell External Insulation.

This wall insulation system is comprised of three main elements:

• Natural wood fibre insulation boards – with a choice of thickness
• Specialist fixings – to suit the specifics of your project
• Traditional lime render – in a range of colours and textures

Coloured renders

Don’t like painting? Use a Lime Green pre-coloured render.

From renovations and conversions to new builds and developments, Lime Green external, coloured renders use natural water repellent to best protect their high-quality finish from the worst of the elements.

Your choices of finishes are:

Natural finish external lime render – self-coloured external render protecting against elements while remaining breathable.
Finish WP external lime render – specialist, lime, finish coat render designed to work with the external Warmshell insulation system, providing exceptional weather resilience while remaining highly breathable.

You can choose from a large range of colours and textures to suit your specific project.

These renders also contain specialist additives to reduce the risk of cracking and restrict algae growth.

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