06 Apr 2017

Powerguard Powers up Elmley Nature Reserve

Elmley National Nature Reserve is owned and managed by a farming family and is unique as the only National Nature Reserve farmer owned and managed by a farming family.

The 3000 acre Elmley estate is both a family-run farm with approximately 700 cattle grazing the pasture each year, and a special habitat for wildlife. The owners are passionate about nature conservation and have been managing the reserve for wildlife since 1974.

As well as the spectacular wildlife and rare habitats Elmley NNR also has a fascinating cultural heritage. Elmley National Nature Reserve is an inspirational place to visit just one hour from London. It’s a place that PowerGuard has had a close association with for 3 years providing eco-friendly solutions to power remote buildings.

Powerguard’s revolutionary off grid power generation systems have provided bespoke self-sufficient solution to meet Elmley’s extremely delicate environment. Powerguard used an advanced technology system to ensure maximum efficiency and savings on fuel and maintenance costs. Taken from Powerguard’s standard PS System range, it is specifically designed to offer simply the best in off-grid electricity supply around. Providing increased performance, lower running cost, lower pollution output and a smoother more reliable power supply.

Powerguard MD Graham Chapman commented, ‘We worked closely with Elmley to find a solution for their critical environment’. ‘Our PS Systems are designed to allow inputs from a renewable energy source, and we are proud to be associated with such a superb operation’. Further benefits have been the ease of adding other power technologies such as solar and wind turbine systems’.

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