13 Mar 2017

New oak framed gallery at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Carpenter Oak’s involvement came about after a passing conversation between Carpenter Oak Director Stuart Voaden and Neil Armstrong - owner of Tremenheere - who was looking for a new building to provide gallery space and that would offer something special.

Due to the location of the project and the nature of the build, it was perfectly suited to the company’s Cornish arm, Carpenter Oak Cornwall.

‘Following several rounds of concept schemes we came up with a design that had the potential to provide the required wall and floor space for a gallery, look great by putting a full oak frame on show, and be very cost effective to build – never an easy combination! What’s been achieved is a lot of building for the money.’ Tom Jubb, Carpenter Oak Cornwall.

‘Tom shaped the build with tremendous attention to detail and aesthetics, maximising the functionality, scoring maximum eco-points whilst keeping to an impossibly tight time schedule and budget. The result is a triumph - as clients we are absolutely delighted. A confidently styled, honest building. The slightly austere exterior belies an airy, light-filled interior perfect for showing artworks to the best effect.’ Neil Armstrong

The project has seen a collaborative approach across various locally based tradesmen. Carpenter Oak Cornwall designed the structural oak frame and project management up to the dry building shell.

‘This project was no doubt a collaboration. The whole team involved in the build are based within 10 miles of site and it is the combined input from all that has resulted in the success of the project.’ Tom Jubb

Carpenter Oak Cornwall provided specialist input throughout the design process, undertaking the principle Oak Frame but also the supply and fitting of the giant seven by three metre laminated sheets. The result was a dry shell erected on site in 2 weeks.

Norsk Carpentry were approached to complete the rest of the build because of their expertise, reputation and ‘can do’ attitude.

“In this case it was obvious immediately that we shared not only a love of carpentry but an attention to detail and a conscientious approach. We were also both keen for other local businesses to provide materials and services as much as possible. I was fascinated by some of the new technologies that were being specified on the build and being an all timber construction, the building was right up my street.” Dan Pye, Norsk Carpentry

Dan and his team completed the works, constructing the lean-to and wrapping the building in thick layers of recycled wood insulation. The building was then clad in locally sourced green larch and a huge roof lantern was installed to give light to the gallery and to allow the top of the Oak frame to float almost weightlessly in space in the apex of the building. The building has no internal stairs - visitors walk up a sloped path and over and oak bridge to access the upstairs gallery. This allows the beauty of the building to be appreciated as you stroll up to the first floor, consequently the whole lower floor is an uninterrupted gallery space.

All of the works were completed in time for the inaugural opening of the Rose Hilton and Friends - Exhibition, which saw a over 700 people enjoying the new space and the works of art beautifully displayed between the oak structure. ‘The gallery is a testament to the hard work of all involved but also to how much talent and skill businesses in Cornwall can provide.’ Dan Pye

‘Special mention must go to David Blewitt - a legend in his own right. the ground worker and landscaper is a man who knows a digger like no one else and the evidence is in the giant Granite retaining wall.’ Tom Jubb.

‘The new gallery at Tremenheere is a remarkable success on many levels and we hope it will make a useful contribution to the cultural life of West Cornwall - I believe this is a building in which everyone involved can take huge pride.’ Neil Armstrong

Carpenter Oak Cornwall use traditional timber framing techniques and sustainably sourced oak, Douglas fir, larch and glulam to make unique oak framed buildings in Cornwall and beyond. They undertake remodelling works, house extensions and new build homes, from designing and raising finished frames, to complete project management and full turnkey service.

Oak Frame: Carpenter Oak www.carpenteroak.com
Building Design: Tom Jubb – Carpenter Oak Cornwall/Framelines Timber Architecture
Principal Contractor: Dan Pye – Norsk Carpentry and Building www.norskcarpentry.com


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