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07 Mar 2017

Wood-based houses offer inherently good conditions for healthy living, comfort and wellbeing, but it depends on the treatment and processing of materials and the ventilation. Healthy living conditions are affected by indoor climate moisture and the presence of germs, dusts, bacteria, moulds, formaldehyde, and VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds), which are believed to trigger certain complaints and allergies. All these can be minimised if you choose the right materials and processes when it comes to building your home.

WeberHaus knows all about healthy living, going above and beyond all the relevant legal requirements, which is why it has been awarded the medical certification for healthy living by the Society of Residential Hygiene, Construction Medicine and Interior Toxicology. This means that all houses manufactured by WeberHaus are recognised as complying with the highest standards of healthy building in terms of air quality, pollution levels, insulation and light. It is the first time that this certification has been applied to all houses, past and present, produced by a single manufacturer.

Peter Liehner, CMO at WeberHaus said, “We factor in healthy living down to the smallest detail when designing and manufacturing our homes, from electromagnetic and noise pollution, to levels of daylight and room temperature. We use medically safe materials and incorporate health-promoting elements such as pollen filters in ventilation systems.” He goes on, “Our homes are constructed with local, sustainable timber, which provides natural heat, cold and sound insulation, plus we use formaldehyde-free glues and low-emission mineral insulation made of up to 85% recycled glass.”

As an industry pioneer for the energy efficiency of buildings, WeberHaus has always prioritised ecology, sustainability and healthy living as basic quality characteristics of its homes. Managing partner Heidi Weber-Muhleck commented, “We take pride in producing high quality, healthy living homes. All our buildings, from family houses to large commercial buildings, are constructed on the same principle, in the same workshops, and produced by the same expert staff with identical materials and equipment, which is why this certification applies to all the homes that we produce.”

Founded in 1960, WeberHaus is a family business boasting a team of master craftsmen who combine precision engineering with hand-finished expertise. The company uses locally sourced natural wood and high quality fixtures to create award-winning, bespoke family homes.


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