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02 Dec 2016

Enhance your home or office with a bespoke staircase from Stairkraft

Team Stairkraft is always willing to step up to the next level for their customers, offering an alternative to the mass-produced stairs you find in many homes.

Stairkraft was established in 2011 focusing on bespoke staircases for selfbuilds and renovations across the UK, supplying high quality, statement staircases with a personal touch.

The company combine innovative designs, technical skills and traditional craftsmanship to design and install custom-made staircases. Their flawless finished products are achieved through a combination of industrial technology, manual engineering and fitting skills, carefully honed through over 20 years of experience.

Stairkraft’s designs begins with a blank page with client’s unique specification and budget in mind. Staff work to create a personal relationship with customers to ensure they don’t feel like just another order number. Stairkraft offer specialist knowledge working with both architects and builders to ensure each staircase fits seamlessly into the finished home. Full site survey is also carried out to produce technical drawings together with fully detailed 3d drawings.

As they are used to providing the best for their customers no task is too difficult for the team. One job that stands out is a cottage conversion where the renovators had knocked down walls to create space in the older property but the team were still working in a confined area. Stairkraft were able to design, build and fit a beautiful staircase for the cottage, with a striking glass section that brought a sleek, modern finish to the home.

Due to their commitment to customer individuality Stairkraft’s staircases are impressive and contemporary, incorporating glass, stainless steel, wood and corian for luxury living.

The current most popular staircases for self-builds and renovations is the , cantilevered design, which shuns the traditional looking staircase in favour of steps that appear to be floating from the wall. This design is installed in two stages providing a sound and safe access to the upper levels during the build. When the build is nearing the completion timber and glass is fitted to mitigate damage to the finished product.

Stairkraft not only offer made to measure staircase designs they also offer a range of products for outside the home including balconies, canopies and balustrades.

All designs are timeless and kept within UK building regulations, paying close attention to detail.

Fitting a bespoke product rely on that drawings with approved measurements are met by trade on site.

A wall with different levels of thickness of plaster may not be picked up by the eye however it can have negative impact when lining up glass balustrade panels. Variations in finished floor levels will affect the rise to the 1st tread which in turn will affect the whole staircase as each rise needs to be the same to meet building regulations. Stairkraft has both the ability and expertise in dealing with such situations to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

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