03 Oct 2016

Realise your green dream with WeberHaus

Houses come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, so there’s plenty to think about when bringing your dream home to life, and if you’re trying to do it sustainably then there’s even more to consider.

Materials are a good starting point, not only for the initial build, but also to enhance your lifestyle once you move in. What will your house be made of? WeberHaus constructs houses using locally sourced timber from the Black Forest and mineral wool fibre insulation in all its walls. WeberHaus uses mineral wool for the timber frame insulation as it’s the perfect material in terms of performance and price. This material provides excellent thermal insulation and breathability, achieving very low U values and superior moisture control together with the vapour barrier, which helps homeowners keep warm in winter and cool in the summer. The mineral wool is made of up to 85% of recycled glass and has an excellent insulation value allowing the glass wool to get wet without losing any of the heat transmission value. Mineral wool works better than wood fibre wool and is more cost effective.

In terms of energy consumption, windows and doors are also crucial in order to retain heat. Triple glazed windows provide optimum insulation, as the extra pane of glass will not only increase energy efficiency, but reduce the noise pollution too. Most importantly, you should consider the window frame as heat can be lost here because it’s the weakest point of the window. Triple glazed windows have a standard 0.6 Ug-Value but the most important value is the Uw-Value as this includes the window and the frame. WeberHaus has a Uw-Value of 0.8 and only offers timber or timber & aluminium window frames and airtight doors, which support your home’s insulation. Not to mention the doors, which feature the highest security standards with a nine-point security lock system, winning the Red Dot design award twice for innovation, functionality and ecological compatibility.

Once your materials are sorted, it’s time to consider the additional ecological features you might want to include in your green dream. WeberHaus can work with you to make your vision a reality, including the incorporation of Passivhaus status, an integrated approach to minimising your energy consumption. Utilising a range of sophisticated materials and techniques, Passivhaus provides outstanding comfort whilst consuming less than a quarter of the energy used by standard homes, reducing your carbon footprint and making your home ultra-sustainable.

WeberHaus even has eco options for your water supply with ecological shower pipes that consume half the water used by a standard shower. Rainwater harvesting systems are also becoming increasingly popular, facilitating the collection of rainwater for flushing toilets. For heating, you may want to consider a geothermal heat pump, which uses the earth as a heat source and transfers heat from the ground to your home. If it’s electricity that you want to save money on and you think the classic solar panels aren’t particularly easy on the eye, then WeberHaus can provide photovoltaics and storage systems, which are more aesthetically pleasing and just as efficient.

Renew your lifestyle by joining the green scene and building the eco-house of your dreams with WeberHaus.

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