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03 Oct 2016

How to create the perfect interior design?

There are a variety of ways to design the interior of a home to suit the requirements of a client. All clients are different and will want to focus on specific styles including traditional, contemporary, minimalist or art deco interior. Each of these styles can be achieved with a wide range of items or systems.

Furnish the Home to Suit the Style

After deciding on the specific style or range of styles you would like to incorporate into the home, it is then important to think about using furniture that will match these styles. Incorporating furniture into a home with a specific style can be very easy due to the vast amount of furniture available. Living sets and dining sets can easily be made to suit the requirements of the home owners.

When thinking of the furniture that will suit the rest of the interior of a home, there are many aspects that will need considering. Colour schemes, textures and space are all important factors when designing an internal living space.

Being able to attend an interior showroom is the perfect way to help you decide on colours, textures and items that are necessary and suit the requirements of the home owners. It is important to see these in person as you may have already made a decision on a specific item or style but see something completely different that catches your eye more.

Wall and Floor Coverings

When planning the interior design of a home, it is very important to think about the wall and floor coverings that would suit all aspects of the design including furniture. Biophilic design is becoming popular with clients as it allows them to bring the nature from outside, inside in the easiest way possible. Using Shou Sugi Ban can make this Biophilic design very possible as you are able to incorporate natural timber flooring and wall coverings to create a very unique, nature filled living space.

Internal Sliding Doors

Internal sliding doors are the best way to allow a homeowner to separate two rooms. These work best if the client would like to create a living area such as a home office that they are able to control when they want to keep the separation or join multiple rooms together.

Mondrian Internal can provide an internal glass sliding door with an art deco design and aesthetic. These doors have slim steel framing that allows the maximum amount of light to pass between rooms as well as allowing for views of each space.

Incorporate Smart Home Automation

Incorporating smart home automation into your home can provide a unique addition as well as providing the home owners with ease and complete control over their home, even when they are not there.

This smart home automation includes lighting control, hidden home audio, heating control, interactive home cinemas and a new hands-free voice control system. Using these systems within your home can reduce the cluster of multiple remotes and other unattractive equipment, helping you to create a clean and tidy living space.

You can gain inspiration and receive expert advice at the Sky House Design Centre in Amersham. Contact them to make an appointment and experience the largest interior design showroom in the UK.      01494 722 880

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