12 Sep 2016

Estimating service ideal solution for self-builders wanting accurate view on cost

Self-builders wanting to get an accurate view on how much their dream home will cost can take advantage of a new time-saving service.

The HBXL Estimating Service is the latest innovation from the leading building software developer that will provide self-builders not only with a totally accurate idea on how much a project will cost but complete peace of mind on where their money is going.

With any self-build project, making sure there is a sensible and realistic estimate on how much a project will cost is vital, because if there isn’t one, it could prove very expensive in the long run!

With almost 90% of building projects going over budget, anyone thinking about extending their home, renovating an older building or building a new home should make sure they get their budgets right from the very beginning - and stick to it.

And this new service is perfect for getting any project off on the right footing.

Joanna Mulgrew, product development director at HBXL said the service provides self-builders a life line, saving them the worry of an accurate building estimate.

She said: “It’s imperative that those looking to build their dream home know where the money is going. Similarly, property renovators need to be more shrewd in today’s market by knowing exactly what their costs are otherwise they’ll end up making a loss. There’s nothing worse than realising halfway through a project that the budget you had will not cover the cost.

The problem is that most self-builders don’t have the expertise to price up accurately the cost of a build.

“What this new service does is provide a one stop shop for self-builders needing to understand the costs of their project.

Ideal for those who are undertaking an extension, new build, garage or loft conversion all that’s required is a set of the plans which will be sent to HBXL. Once received a team of expert estimators will price it quickly and accurately.

Joanna added: “We'll confirm deadlines before we start on an estimate, with small jobs taking between three and four days and larger projects taking about seven to ten days maximum.

Joanna said the firm’s estimate pricing was worth every penny with prices ranging from £79 for a garage, £140 for an extension or loft conversion and £199 for a new build.

The self-builder will receive a detailed estimate report pack outlining a summary of the project’s cost, detailed cost breakdown for materials and a build program for when each part of the project will take place.

Jo concluded: “Building your own home or extending is arguably one of the most rewarding things anyone can do but only if you establish the costs as accurately as possible at the outset and avoid over extending yourself financially.

“The problem with estimating building costs is that there are so many variables within the building process. If you overlook a costly item or assume that you can utilise cheaper materials or resources than are actually available, your project could be delayed or at worse it could jeopardise your home completion entirely.

“This really is the perfect solution for self-builders wanting to keep a close eye on costs. The thing to note is that no other service can provide the level of detail we can and no other service is as accurate and is why HBXL’s Estimating Service is the ideal tool to make sure costs are kept in check.”

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