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19 Mar 2020

H.D. Services installs open-loop ground source heat pump for sustainable Sussex home

Following subsequent site visits and receipt of SAP reports a detailed scale plans, H.D. Services could accurately size the unit required and provide a Firm Quotation to recommend the installation of a 6kW Kensa Shoebox heat pump.

This was the first installation for the company where it recommended a closed-loop conversion, instead of a dedicated open-loop heat pump. The decision was made as the properties of the building indicated that the smallest dedicated open-loop unit would be two-times larger than necessary and would therefore be oversized.

It was decided that converting a smaller closed-loop unit to provide the required heat for this project would be the most sustainable option, rather than manufacturing a specific open-loop unit. After confirmation from the British manufacturer that the new converted unit would still achieve similar efficiencies to a dedicated open-loop, the quotation was accepted and work could begin.

Once the 200mm diameter borehole was constructed to a depth of approximately 25m below ground level, the client opted to invest in a dual switching system. This is the installation of two borehole pumps – to get the groundwater out of the borehole and into the heat pump – that act as ‘duty’ and ‘standby’. A dual borehole pump switching system is recommended on all water supply and heating installations, so that if one pump fails, then the client is not without water or heat. Following the installation, the borehole was test pumped to prove efficiency and records of the borehole construction were provided to the British Geological Survey, as required.

The owners of the property wanted to utilise the heat pump unit by also providing hot water to the home. H.D. Services calculated this additional service prior to the heat pump installation to ensure that it was suitable for the additional service. The client also decided that rather than returning the cooled water straight to the recharge borehole (soakaway), they’d like to install a harvesting tank to collect the cooled water to enable it to be used for garden irrigation, as well as allowing the water to regain heat before being returned to the aquifer.

Once completed, the installation was registered with the MCS and insurance backed warranties were secured. A handover pack, which included all the information required to understand the operation of the system and how to apply for the dRHI, was supplied to the client. Also included for the system was a maintenance agreement, which was required as evidence of regular system maintenance to comply with the requirements of the dRHI.

Since the completion of this project, H.D. Services has been taking regular data from the system, as it was the first closed-loop conversion to be installed. To date the figures are extremely positive, with efficiencies of up to 150% above the manufacturers expected figures, when connected to a closed-loop system being indicated.

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