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05 Feb 2020

External wood solution for all needs

Offering three leading products – OrganoWood 01 Protection, OrganoWood 02 Repellent and OrganoWood 03 Cleaner – OrganoWood has developed a product for all exterior wood requirements. Providing a high-quality alternative to chemical pressure treatments, OrganoWood is favoured by those who are discouraged by using chemicals for either sustainable or applications reasons, such as environments where there the wood has close contact to children, animals or vegetation. The external protection and aesthetic qualities delivered through the OrganoWood range makes it an ideal solution for wooden cladding. OrganoWood Protection 01 provides an unrivalled natural protection against fire and rot decay with OrgnanoWood 02 repelling water and rot from taking hold in the material – essential to ensure long-lasting building integrity.


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