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05 Feb 2020

High quality, environmentally friendly paint finishes

Earthborn's paints have never and will never contain any added VOCs, and they are proud to be the first UK licence holder for the EU Ecolabel for paints and varnishes.

When self-builder Joe Shimbart set out to build his dream home he knew that he wanted to live in a house made of natural materials.

Joe said: “I chose an oak frame and didn’t want to wrap it in man-made materials, so used breathable hempcrete for the walls and finished them internally with lime plaster and a breathable paint. The breathability is essential - conventional 'plastic' paints seal the walls and don't allow that.

“I always do a lot of research before making any specification choice. Claypaint stood out because of its outstanding breathability and beautiful matt finish. It looks great on lime plaster, creating a warm, homely effect.”

Joe added: “The lack of emissions meant I never felt nauseous when using the paint, unlike with acrylic paints in the past. In practical terms, it was easy to use. We only needed two coats to achieve full coverage and, because it is water based, brushes were easy to wash out.”


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