26 Sep 2019

Oak framed garage kits by Round Wood of Mayfield

If you’re looking for a traditional oak framed garage, you may want to consider the range of ‘Chippy’ kits offered by Round Wood of Mayfield.

Finding the right frame to build an exciting new part of your home can be daunting but Chippy is a good place to start, as they offer set designs and give a good pricing indication.

They are also excellent value, available on short lead times and may be exempt from planning permission and building regulations.

The range comprises of 47 standard designs, from one to four bays, in a variety of roof profiles. Additional options of half-bays, log stores, and side aisles allow for most requirements to be catered for (although modifications are possible).

Prices start at just £2395 for a one-bay garage kit, including the 150mm oak post frame, as well as softwood studwork, rafters and weatherboard.

All buildings are traditionally crafted using curved braces and perfectly cut oak pegged, mortise and tenon joints. Only green oak is used, which contracts over time to provide further stability. Frames are pre-assembled in Round Wood’s workshop prior to dispatch to ensure fit and ease of build.

If you are looking to buy a ‘Chippy’ kit as part of a project and are a keen DIYer putting these kits together may be an appealing challenge. Alternatively, Round Wood of Mayfield’s qualified team offer groundwork, assembly, and roofing services for your one to four-bay garage.

Round Wood supplies Chippy products nationwide from its base just outside of Mayfield. In addition to oak framed buildings, the company offers hardwood decking, oak and walnut flooring, joinery products and garden features.

sales@roundwood.com     www.oakframedgarages.co.uk      01435 860260

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