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28 Feb 2022

Make Roof Ventilation a Breeze with Roofing Superstore

With energy costs on the rise and homeowners taking steps to minimise their own carbon footprints, online building products retailer Roofing Superstore is reminding everyone to check their flow – by making sure that their roof space has the right level of ventilation to cope with the addition of energy-saving improvements such as insulation and double-glazing.

It’s vital to create well insulated and water-tight homes but without adequate roof ventilation, installing more insulation, upgrading to double or triple glazed doors and windows, and even making modifications such as loft conversions, can all lead to a build-up of condensation in roof spaces. As well as being linked to health problems and long-term damage to the fabric of a building, condensation can also make a property harder and more costly to heat. That’s why Roofing Superstore is encouraging homeowners to check in with a professional roofing contractor to make sure that their existing roof vents are still up to the job.

With changes to Part F of the Building Regulations set to come into effect in June, new homes will be expected to meet stricter targets for ventilation, condensation control and air quality. Standards have also been raised for existing homes that are undergoing refurbishments or improvements. Roof ventilation products will play a big role in achieving these targets but as their incorrect use can make roofs more vulnerable to leaks, it’s important to make sure the correct products are installed accurately. Not every project will have the same requirements but fortunately thanks to Roofing Superstore’s extensive product range, there are various cost-effective solutions available for both new and existing properties.

From ventilation and extraction systems for both flat and tiled roofs, to vents for fascias and soffits, eaves ventilation, vent turbines and more, Roofing Superstore has a wide range of solutions from leading suppliers such as Klober and Hambleside Danelaw for both large and small roofing projects. Help is also at hand to find the best ventilation solutions to suit the specific age, condition and requirements of a property via Roofing Superstore’s experienced customer service team. The extensive product offering is also supported by convenient online ordering, special offers and reliable deliveries meaning that you can get your hands on the materials you need, when you need them.

To view the full range of solutions available to help manage ventilation, improve air quality and reduce condensation on your next roofing project, visit the website shown below.

For additional solutions and guidance on how to effectively reduce heat loss and save energy, take a look at the extensive range of insulation materials at www.insulationsuperstore.co.uk and numerous internal and external door options at www.doorsuperstore.co.uk.


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