11 Jul 2019

Lumi-Plugin: Luxury lighting that hides fire safety

Lumi-Plugin is an innovation, new to market lighting system. Its compact base unit is an LED downlight which can combine different products such as a sprinkler system, smoke alarm, heat alarm, CO alarm, PIR sensor and/or emergency lighting.

The idea for the product was conceived and developed by Bob Ward, a former fire-fighter with the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service who went on to start a leading fire risk assessment and software company, FCS-live Ltd (www.fcs-live.com). Completing over 5000 assessments in the last year.

Putting safety first

In 2007 a fire raged through the Penhallow Hotel in Cornwall, England, killing three people and injuring more. Two years later John Hughes, who had lost both his mother and brother in the blaze, asked Bob to help him draft the questions he wanted answering at the inquest. This was a key turning point for Bob as the more he learned about the Penhallow tragedy the more he wanted to prevent such a disaster happening again.

Clearly the answer lay in making both commercial and residential buildings safer. FCS-live won the prestigious contract to complete fire risk assessments for LOCOG at 97 of the competition, training, logistics venues as well as athletes’ accommodation for the London 2012 Olympics. However, Bob remained frustrated that he was not able to improve the safety of buildings as a rule.

His lightbulb moment came from the fire engineering side of FCS-live kept coming up against architects and designers fighting over ceiling space. It suddenly hit him that the ceilings in properties were studded with sprinkler heads, fire detectors, emergency lights, music speakers and more. For fire safety the most important functions were to alert building user of the fire, then suppressing the fire and illuminating the path to safety for anyone in the area. If he could combine these features into a single core system, with other functions available via expansion plugins, then he would have a product that put safety first and foremost while meeting the many functional and aesthetic requirements of building and interior designers.

More than a light. Save lives. Streamline interiors.

The new Lumi-Plugin meets the needs for interior designers and specifiers because a single installation can serve multiple functions and the contemporary style would enhance any ceiling. The unit is very energy efficient (the low-voltage LED lights last at least 50,000 hours).

Bob Ward is very excited about the potential of this new product, saying: ‘Fire safety is a serious subject – but that doesn’t mean the solutions can’t look good. I would love to see Lumi-Plugin become the fire suppressing system of choice in all residential and commercial buildings, where it will both look good and save lives.’

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