07 Mar 2018

Lighting Sensations' top tips

If you are seeking to transform your home in a simple yet wholly artistic way true to your tastes, then consider relighting your home with Lighting Sensations.

Here are Lighting Sensations top tips:

• Look at the space you are trying to light and how it might be used. From atmospheric, intimate evenings to energised tasking situations, think about how to provide the right levels of light for all activities which may take place in the space.
• Plan your circuits carefully and research switching solutions to achieve granular control of your lighting.
• Distribute the light among different planes sources, levels and to make the lighting more interesting and varied. Light in from the edges as well as out from the centre.
• Evenly spaced downlights will give you a rather anodyne result, be strategic. Contrasts and shadows create drama and depth, so use them wisely.
• Think about glare! Downlighting below eye level, uplighting above. Light onto surfaces for a diffused effect or drop a pool of light over a piece of art to bring movement and colour into the room. Also take things like TVs or computers into consideration when placing lights, glare on a screen can ruin the viewing experience.
• Don't be afraid to ask an expert. Lighting isn't an easy thing to get right, feel free to give us a call or pop into the showroom for a free, informal chat about the space you are lighting and the options available to you.

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