14 May 2018

Our lighting is designed to not only illuminate, but enhance the atmosphere of any environment. With access to a wide range of European and British lights, the company provide the best lighting facilities, aiming to provide beautiful and stunning lights that create relaxing and enchanting ambient moods. Whether it be for interior or exterior lighting, clients can turn to Lighting Sensations for innovative, stylistic and cost-effective ways to light up their space, their way.

The company work on residential and self-build projects and commercial schemes. We provide services for architects, interior designers and of course individuals seeking to create the perfect atmosphere in their home or work place. Lighting Sensations boast a fantastic bespoke design service, whereby the company's skilled designers can work closely with the client to create the best LIGHTING for their taste and needs. Using sophisticated sketches and DIAGRAMS OR EVEN 3D visualisation IF REQUIRED, the client is able to see clearly and easily how the lights will look in terms of size, colour and design. When it comes to installation, the company have a skilled and qualified team who can safely and securely install lights on both commercial or residential properties.

In addition to bespoke lighting, Lighting Sensations are proud to say that they can supply stylish and prestigious brands such as Pablo Designs, Manooi, Marchetti, Swarovski, Terzani and many more. For those looking to browse, Lighting Sensations Ltd has an online shop where customers can shop and purchase from the stunning selection of lights available. A few of these include Studio Italia Design, lighting by Arturo Alvarez and even Astro Lighting. The company also has a 5500 square foot showroom which allows viewers to see the unique scope of lighting products and effects the company has to offer.

One of Lighting Sensations most striking products is the Dew range by designer Italian brand, Kundalini. With multiple glass spheres suspended together, it allows customers to create one strong focal point in their room. With the unique way that light refracts through the glass, the sparkle really turns heads, visit our website to check it out. Available in anything between 1 - 21-drop as standard and any size you wish when you make it bespoke, this fitting can excel in any space.

Another stunning collection includes that of Antonangeli Illuminazione's. Antonangeli is renowned for designer outdoor lighting made using unusual materials and processes unique within the lighting industry in order to create the warm, rich, private atmosphere you experience inside, but outside.

One highly sought after product for the indoors is the Slend by BOVER. This highly innovative floor lamp features a diffuser mounted onto an adjustable sliding track. With its thin frame and high arching body, the lamp takes up little space despite a generous projection of light.

If you are seeking to transform your home in a simple yet wholly artistic way true to your tastes, then consider relighting your home with Lighting Sensations. To get in contact with the company, please use the number and contact information provided below. Alternatively, more information can be found on the website.

[email protected]     www.lightingsensations.co.uk      01223 874 434

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