03 Jul 2017

The 7 Wonders of Harvey Water

Water softeners are becoming increasingly popular as more people understand the benefits of them in hard water areas. From a cleaner home to descaled pipes and appliances that result in cheaper bills, it’s no surprise that people are opting for softened water.

Water that runs through the home is vital to the maintenance of it; impacting everything from skin conditions to boiler efficiency. Rainwater is naturally ‘soft’ but when it flows underground it picks up lime and chalk minerals. These make the water hard. So what is softened water all about? Here are some of the most popular questions regarding water softeners.

What is a water softener?

A water softener is a device that turns naturally hard water into soft water. It will eliminate all the problems associated with hard water, meaning you, your home and family can enjoy a shinier home, glossier hair, softer skin, fewer products, longer lasting appliances, bigger bubble baths, cheaper bills and more. The Harvey Water Softener plumbs into your mains water supply, fitting neatly under your kitchen sink. It is non-electric with a twin cylinder design, meaning there is no downtime from softened water and you will no longer experience hard water problems. The water softener traps the minerals that make the water hard, providing your whole home with beautifully softened water.

How will softened water help around my home?

When hard water runs through your pipes it results in a buildup of limescale, this will also be found inside appliances and on surfaces - anything that the water touches. If you can see the heating element of your kettle covered in a white residue, this is limescale. This is happening on a much larger scale inside your hot water system too. Softened water will eliminate limescale throughout your home; from surfaces to appliances, everything will shine with less scrubbing, become more efficient and longer lasting. Products will lather better, meaning you need less of them. In the long run you will save money on bills, shopping trips and save time on cleaning around the home. Everything will sparkle that little bit more, for that little bit longer.

How will softened water help me and my family?

With softened water you will experience bigger bubbles in your bath, great for all the family. Everything will lather better; meaning washing up is easier, the washing machine produces better results and cleaning products will be drastically reduced. Using fewer products will result in softer skin, simply because you won’t need to use so many abrasive products or apply moisturiser as often. Skin will feel more soothed and dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, can be improved. Hair will become less tangled and smoother to the touch, making it more manageable. From towels to toes, everything will become softer.

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