09 Jan 2018

Perfect Sense: Caple’s new Sense range stars in new appliance brochure

Multi award-winning, leading appliance specialist Caple’s stunning, new, updated appliance brochure is now available. Beautifully designed to provide the perfect platform to showcase its three comprehensive collections, this informative catalogue is packed with Caple’s latest launches and bestselling products.

Taking centre stage and starring on the front cover of this full-colour, 296-page brochure is Caple’s new Sense range, which features a completely new, contemporary aesthetic that is highlighted by show-stopping, atmospheric photography.

Inside you’ll find an informative introduction explaining what sets Caple appliances apart and a comprehensive explanation of Caple Care, the brand’s market-leading, three-tier after-care solution, which provides consumers with extra peace of mind. Separate, colour-coded sections for cooking, cooling and washing appliances make the brochure easy to navigate.

Each of its three ranges, Classic, relaunched Sense and new-look, high-end Sense Premium ranges, have their own dedicated sections at the front of the brochure, which highlight their USPs. Caple brand ambassador and Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton, who stars in the new Sense range advertising campaign, is also featured in this brochure alongside some of the chic cooking appliances from this new range.

Caple product manager Luke Shipway says: “Filled with inspirational, lifestyle photography, which beautifully depicts our new Sense and redesigned Sense Premium ranges, our new appliance brochure is packed with expert advice, providing retailers and consumers with an invaluable guide to our market-leading, high-performance appliances.”

Visit the Caple website www.caple.co.uk now to get your copy of the new Kitchen Appliance Collection 2017 brochure. Simply click on the Brochures icon on the site to find your e-brochure or contact Caple on 0117 938 1900 to request a hard copy.

www.caple.co.uk      0117 938 1900

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