08 May 2017

Time-saving and flexibility have become imperative in today’s busy lifestyles. WeberHaus is a pioneer in pre-fabricated connected homes, and has the smart home solutions to make your home living as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Control multiple aspects of your house via one system with WeberHaus.

WeberHaus uses WeberLogic 2.0 technology to ensure that you can live smart and efficiently, saving time and guaranteeing low operating costs.

Every room is different, and WeberHaus knows that this needs to be taken into consideration when installing every WeberHaus home. The smart technology fitted uses live heating; this means that the outside temperature, atmosphere and surrounding areas of each room are effectively and actively measured to produce enough heat or air-conditioning and lighting for each individual room.

Audio Visual (AV) technology is also a valuable component of family life and WeberHaus’ easy-to-access portal makes filling the house with a family-favourite album simple.

WeberLogic 2.0 is compatible with blinds and shutters, lighting, energy management, security systems, AV controls, monitoring systems and white goods. Thus, you have all the accessible technology to control main home systems, making your house easy to regulate, smart and more connected than ever.

Take ownership of designing your future and fool-proof pre-fabricated dream home and create smarter everyday living with WeberHaus. Be confident with the convenience of controlling your home by one button, and choose from our diverse range of offerings, from lighting to the control of white goods and security systems. Once installed, the remote uniform system is user-friendly.

WeberHaus has always prioritised ecology, sustainability and healthy living as basic quality characteristics of its homes, and its easy access tech facilitates control of these features with high quality fixtures that contribute to WeberHaus’ award-winning, bespoke family homes.

www.weberhaus.co.uk      01727 867900

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