02 Aug 2017

ESSE has unveiled a stylish, new flueless gas fire design called 'the Oval'. This striking rounded design joins the more angular shapes that the company already offers, and ESSE believes it will be just as popular for discerning customers in contemporary settings.

As well as encouraging 'fearlessness' in design, the ESSE team are keen to dispel any fears about safety issues with regards to modern flueless gas heating.

Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “We've heard reports over recent months that some installers across the industry, as well as a small number of homeowners, have expressed concerns over the safety of flueless gas appliances in the home. I believe this may be down to a lack of information about this innovative technology.

“Here at ESSE, we're keen to dispel these misconceptions by demonstrating that our flueless gas fires are entirely safe, having undergone rigorous testing. This technology is perfect for British homes without a chimney. These contemporary fires are easy to use, easy to install and extremely cost effective to run.

“All ESSE gas fires are hand built in the UK and have been specified in living spaces worldwide. We've incorporated a number of advanced safety features, including flame failure and oxygen depletion devices. The innovative catalytic conversion technology of these stoves 'cleans' all products of combustion.

“As an industry-leading Master Stove Maker, established in 1854, our flueless gas range benefits from 163 years of stove-building heritage and experience. Retailers, engineers and homeowners can rest assured that they receive the highest levels of quality from ESSE.

“These slimline, contemporary, wall-mounted (or floor-mounted with new stand), flueless fires tick all the boxes for design, performance and safety.

“Not only have we expanded the flueless gas fire collection to include the Oval, we have also made our new colours available across these models too. This is a particularly energy-efficient stove collection as virtually 100% of the heat radiates into the room, without being lost up a chimney. These contemporary fires are beautiful from every angle, with ESSE branded top covers for our floor-level mounted models.

“They offer effortless control, especially with the optional remote control, and are very effective heaters - releasing warmth from top, sides and front.”

ESSE is proud to offer retailers, engineers and homeowners the opportunity to learn more about the company's flueless fires and more, through regular open days, events and free technical training days for Gas Safe Registered engineers.

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