03 Oct 2016

Introducing the New Electric Underfloor Heating Mat - The fastest to install, DCM-PRO heated decoupling system

The new heated decoupling system from Warmup is a very fast solution for the installation of an electric underfloor heating system. The new innovative system makes installing underfloor heating handy, quick and easy.

This new system is called DCM-PRO. It is easy to install because its self-adhesive backing can be attached directly to the subfloor. Therefore you do not have to mix additional tile adhesive to affix the mat to the subfloor. You neither have to wait for the base layer of tile adhesive to dry before installing the cable. Again, both time and money is saved through the process.

The DCM-PRO mat has been designed with pre-spaced channels making it easy and quick to evenly space and lay the cable. Therefore, it also saves you time when measuring and calculating the correct spacing to output ratio for your project. The pre-spacing ensures correct spacing throughout the installation, providing a consistent output of 150W/m². The DCM-PRO Cable is highly-flexible, durable and it provides maximum reliability during installation.

DCM-PRO heated decoupling system comprises of a self-adhesive castellated membrane and a heating cable. The heating system can easily be covered with a range of floor finishes. The self-adhesive layer of the DCM-PRO Mat acts as a self-healing decoupling layer, eliminating the need for additional fixings and laborious installation methods, significantly reducing both installation time and costs.

Next step would be to pour the self-levelling compound. This can be done by pouring it directly onto the DCM-PRO System, allowing it to heat and protect any floor covering material that is considered as suitable for use with UFH, including tiles, laminate, engineered wood, vinyl, and carpet.

Once installed, the system is easy to tile over or lay down another floor finish. You can apply tile adhesive onto the system, providing the perfect surface to lay tiles on top, with no risk of any damage to the heater. The unique design of the system ensures that the cable stays safe during the installation. Therefore, risk of mechanical damage, such as stepping on the system with heavy boots or a trowel damaging the cable is minimised.

The crucial benefit of the system for a homeowner is the patent pending self-healing decoupling feature of the DCM-PRO mat that protects the floor covering from damage. This self-healing layer contracts and expands to deal with seasonal changes in subfloors, therefore preventing damage from occurring to floor coverings. Gaps and cracks are a natural consequence of seasonal expansions and contraction in the subfloor often resulting in damage to the floor finish with conventional underfloor heating systems. Unlike traditional fabric-based decoupling layers which tear upon movement, the DCM-PRO expands and contracts for durable, long-term protection.

The DCM-PRO cable is offered with a Lifetime Warranty and SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee when installed with the DCM-PRO Mat.

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