30 Jun 2016

Unseen and underfloor; heating that packs a punch

Underfloor heating has a number of benefits when designing your perfect home, not least the fact that it never interrupts the line of your design, while providing comfort heating with a touch of luxury. Now you can buy underfloor heating in handy room sized packs, making the decision to use underfloor heating to heat a new room such as an extension or a conservatory, even easier.

The new Purmo single room underfloor heating ‘Punch Pack’, part of the Purmo FLOORTEC range, is specially designed to provide a complete solution for hydronic underfloor heating installation in rooms with screeded floors. The packs come in two sizes, one for rooms of up to 20m² and another for larger rooms of up to 40m² square. This makes it much easier to install underfloor heating, with everything you need available at the same time and, just as importantly, designed to work together.

It is important to source all the components of an underfloor heating system from the same manufacturer because, although shopping around for each component to get the lowest price might seem like a good idea for your budget, there is, literally, no guarantee that all the parts will fit and work together well. In the single room Punch Pack, however, you do get a guarantee for your system, because Purmo has sourced all the components for you, having developed them to work reliably together.

Each pack contains the required amount of 16mm multi-layer pipe for high performance and longevity; Purmo’s exclusive and innovative Tackernails for ease of fixing; and a FLOORTEC A-Rated single zone control unit. Also included is a FLOORTEC Touch Screen Thermostat 230V with remote sensor and all the fittings and instructions needed to complete the single room installation.

By providing everything in one pack, we can offer the reassurance that installation will be straightforward and that all the products are tailor made to work together. This makes ordering simpler and ensures that everything you need is available at the same time. The single room Punch Pack is perfect for an installer’s first foray into installing underfloor heating, so for many professionals this could offer the chance to increase their skills. As a home owner, this means that you still get to work with an installer that you know and trust, even if they are relatively new to underfloor heating.

The single room Purmo Punch Packs are also highly cost effective, at just £639 +VAT for the PUNCH PACK20 and £799 +VAT for the PUNCH PACK40. All Punch Packs are covered by Purmo’s excellent product guarantees and installers can also benefit from Purmo’s technical support service for design and specification advice.

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