30 Jun 2016

Introducing the Self-Learning Electric Radiator – which knows when you’re coming home!

Electric Radiators Direct, which launched in 2013, are a market leading supplier of energy efficient electric heating solutions, operating a number of specialist heating websites which provide innovative heating products throughout the UK.

Self-Learning Radiator, Optimising Energy Efficiency

Essentially ‘getting to know you’ - the SmartWave’s innovative built in infrared sensor technology registers and records activity, learning when it needs to be heating your property and when it doesn’t. The SmartWave monitors movements and is intelligent enough to adjust itself according to your changing routine. The radiator will start heating your property 30 minutes before you are scheduled to arrive and also switches itself off when you leave. Smart.

WiFi Controlled

And if it wasn’t already smart enough, you can make your SmartWave even smarter with the optional addition of the SmartBox; enabling full heating control throughout your property whenever you want, wherever you are in the world via a free, user-friendly app.

Aside from these revolutionary heating controls, the SmartWave features a high precision thermostat which accurately keeps your room at the correct temperature without wasting energy and as a result, saves you money.

Paul Walker, Founder of Electric Radiators Direct has said;

“The SmartWave is a product that we are all very excited about - It’s exclusive to us and cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. The total control and advanced technology the range offers makes it an ideal heating solution for a vast and varied audience including home owners, landlords and businesses, we’re happy to finally get it to market!”

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