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02 Jul 2020

Renewable Underfloor Heating with an Open-loop Ground Source System

To achieve this, renewable energy can only come from sustainable resources. It cannot be created from the continuous burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide at a far greater rate than consumed in the world.

Ideal for new-build homes, residential extensions and small new-build commercial dwellings, an open-loop ground source heating system by HD Services, can be installed to create this renewable energy required to become sustainable and help towards achieving the net-zero target.

An open-loop ground source heat pump (GSHP) system extracts heat directly from the ground water – usually from the aquifer via a borehole – using its heat pump system, where the heat is raised in temperature using compressors and then delivered to the heating system throughout a property. The groundwater is cooled by approximately 5°C before being returned to the ground, where it immediately begins to regain heat from the earth. This not only protects the aquifer by replacing its water at an appropriate temperature but also creates a complete sustainable cycle.

This style of heating system works best with underfloor heating and low-temperature radiators. With the rise in popularity of underfloor heating due to its energy-efficient heating, ease of installation and improved aesthetics by removing radiators, it’s only fitting to combine an open loop ground source system with an underfloor system to create the perfect renewable heating system.

Unlike traditional radiators, which can make a room feel too hot or too cold at times, an underfloor heating system doesn’t overheat. It can achieve a consistent desired temperature, which is easily controlled and uninterrupted, while removing any cold spots as the system spans across the entire floor.

Along with a reduced carbon footprint, there are additional benefits to utilising a private water supply. A heating system is just the beginning. As a private borehole supply has greater water efficiency, it can also provide the option for hot water, greywater and can usually be filtered to create potable water for consumption.

HD Services allows each one of its customers to get the full benefit of an open-loop ground source heating installation. Its expertise in local geology, borehole engineering and water supply, has provided numerous properties across the South East of England with a private water supply that has enabled them to produce renewable energy and stay sustainable.

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