31 Mar 2020

Hemp at heart of low carbon, low rise building solution

The version on display featured 12mm Magply MgO board for both faces to provide maximum fire resistance, with the overall 200mm wall width achieving Part L compliance. Other materials can be employed and the thickness increased to 300mm for a super low energy and zero, or beyond zero carbon solution. With face dimensions of 600mm x 300mm, the standard thickness blocks weigh just 5kg, but have an incredible 142kN of compressive strength. The assembly uses interlocking timber inserts and a foam joint for airtightness, but vapour open for healthy indoor air quality.

Michelle Contini of Roman Products commented: “We are currently manufacturing the JoBlox at our zero waste premises in Norfolk and we have a new production facility coming on line later this year, which will allow us to supply developers as well as self-builders seeking sustainability. Two men can complete an external structure on an existing slab or compacted level base in just two days. Its low weight means it could be flown into crisis zones, or manufactured in the vicinity by other partner companies. Importantly JÖ BLOX is a breathable building solution with no thermal bridges and can be erected quickly using semi-skilled labour with no on-site waste. Overall this means better energy performance and lower build costs when compared to other Standard build methods.”


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