21 Jan 2020

Omnie underfloor heating selected for zero carbon homes in Cornwall

The Managing Director of Sadler and Bourne, Carl Sadler, commented: “Our company has provided the full mechanical services package for 30 properties on Phases Two and Three at Hillgrove Mews. This included the underfloor heating, for which we installed the OMNIE Staple system across the ground floor slab and Foilboard floating for the upper floors connecting up to the manufacturer’s Precision-Flo manifolds. We cover the whole of the South-West doing plumbing, heating and renewable installation projects for domestic and commercial customers and started using OMNIE underfloor heating systems back in 2009, before also fitting the company’s air and ground source heat pumps when they launched a couple of years later. We have built up a good rapport with OMNIE and its technical consultants who have a solution for every type of bespoke challenge that we come up against.”

FoilBoard Floating forms part of OMNIE’s UltraLow concept, where a selection of products offer low build height for both retrofit and new-build applications.

The 1200 x 600mm panels are available in thicknesses from 18 up to 75mm, with the Hillgrove Mews project making use of the 25mm thick version. The integral XPS insulation panels provide solid support to floor finishes while the pre-bonded soft-temper aluminium heat diffuser ensures excellent transmission of warmth. The Hilgrove Mews project offers a genuine perspective on the way ahead for the housing industry, fulfilling the ambitions of what was originally conceived under the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 and demonstrates how new housing can be delivered economically as gas appliances are phased out.

A spokesperson for Verto Homes added: “Hilgrove Mews is pushing the boundaries of sustainable living. Once complete, it will offer a mixed development of townhouses and semi-detached dwellings, set amongst an oasis of rich green landscaping with private access, all built to a Zero Carbon Smart Homes specification.”

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