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14 Aug 2019

H.D. Services - A dedicated company

H.D. Services Ltd. is a family run company based in Buckinghamshire and operating throughout the South East. We specialise in the construction and development of boreholes and soakaways; the installation of independent sewage treatment systems and open-loop ground source heat pump; and provide servicing and maintenance for all services we offer.

Founded in 1984 the company initially specialised in cable percussion drilling and sewage treatment installations. In 2009 we expanded into the renewable heating sector, achieving regional success in both 2015 and 2016 winning the RHI installer of the Year Award at the Green Deal and ECO Awards. Since then we have won several other awards in the Energy Efficiency and Health Homes Awards 2017 and the Energy Efficiency Awards 2018.

We offer a one stop solution for self builders, developers, contractors, consultants and architects, providing waste and drainage solutions, independent water supplies and renewable heating options – all specifically tailored to individual needs and suited to the geology of the South East.

Our portfolio includes the National Trust, RSPB, various county and borough councils as well as hundreds of domestic clients and estates.

We are members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA), Renewable Energy Association (REA), Well Drillers Association (WDA), National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA). We subscribe to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and British Geological Survey (BGS) and are BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, meaning that clients can trust in the quality of our work and our commitment to our environmental responsibilities.

We have a permanent exhibition at the National Self Build and Renovating Centre, and more information on all our services can be found at and

Sewage Treatment Systems

We have been installing Sewage Treatment Systems since 1988 and have a thriving portfolio. Feasibility can generally be confirmed upon receipt of a site postcode.

We are proud to offer a one-stop solution for all our services. All design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and servicing work is undertaken by our experienced team.

We aim to provide the highest quality work in all our services and are ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant. Our clients can rely on our advice and flexibility to suit their individual requirements and we associate ourselves with likeminded suppliers. We are committed to completing contracts on time and use only directly employed labour.


• FREE Feasibility study for all our services
• Complete design, supply and installation and commissioning
• Experienced and directly employed staff
• Fully trained and accredited personnel
• Annual servicing and maintenance programmes
• Extendable 12-month warranty
• Septic tank installation and modification

Is a sewage treatment system right for me?

Regardless of whether the system is required for domestic or commercial purposes, if there is no mains sewer connection a sewage treatment system may be the solution for you.

Our extensive experience allows us to signpost you to the best option, whether that be our bespoke design service or an off the shelf alternative. Potential sites are visited, without obligation or charge, to provide a unique economic design for the loading parameters concerned. A bespoke design may be required if you have particular needs which cannot be met using an off the shelf option – think of it like purchasing a stereo. You can buy a system which has everything built in – CD, radio, record player etc. or you can purchase a separates system which means that if you need to upgrade your record player but nothing else, then you can. Our bespoke systems are akin to a separates system which mean we can provide exactly what you require.

Our systems; whether a treatment plant or an addition to an existing settlement tank, are designed specifically for each site, taking in to account BOD loadings and flow using figures published by British Water and adopted by the Environment Agency.

For more than a decade our bespoke sewage treatment systems were unique in that they had no mechanical or electrical moving parts beneath the cover and were made of durable and tough polypropylene. Recently Klargester have launched a sewage treatment system with similar properties, which is mass produced and hence meets EU regulations and is cost effective for the client. As this system now meets what we consider to be important design criteria we are happy to install them. We have a positive relationship with Klargester and are a preferred installer.

None of our systems employ electrical or mechanical parts within the system itself – all are located outside of the tank, thus avoiding problems associated with wear of electrical or mechanical apparatus in a highly corrosive atmosphere. The treatment process is powered by small air blowers housed in separate ‘beehives’ or kiosks situated adjacent to the plant and connected to a 230-volt electrical supply from a nearby power source.

The HD-SM submerged media filtration process is a modern and efficient system that can be readily expanded by internal modifications or additional chambers should the loadings increase or the Environment Agency revise the discharge consent standard.

We have installed hundreds of our HD-SM systems throughout the South East, and our portfolio includes projects ranging from single households to large estates, business parks, farms, schools, caravan sites, hotels and public houses.


We offer bespoke servicing contracts for all our installations, and can offer servicing contracts for existing installations subject to a site visit. Prices vary depending on location and system size.

Boreholes and Soakaways

We have over 30 years’ experience constructing boreholes in the chalk aquifer that underlies most of the south east and aim to provide the best quality cable-tool percussion borehole construction available for both domestic and commercial projects.

There are various reasons people are prepared to abstract water from their own site. Perhaps they have a commercial enterprise that would suffer from a hosepipe ban – a fish farm or a horticultural nursery; or maybe they have spent several years nurturing their garden and are not prepared to see the fruits of their labour wither and die when a hosepipe ban is imposed. Whatever the reason, we can help.

We have constructed water supply boreholes for various clients, both domestic and commercial, including water companies, large farm estates, golf clubs, garden centres, fish farms, car washes, public houses and many more.

We offer a support service for applications to the Environment Agency and often liaise with them on behalf of our clients. All water supply borehole logs are registered with the EA and notified to the British Geological Survey.

Boreholes – water supply and soakaway

Water supply boreholes can be used to provide grey water, irrigation, a heat source for an open-loop ground source heat pump or potentially a potable supply, subject to analysis.

Feasibility can often be determined on receipt of a site postcode. Provided the hydrogeology is suitable, a borehole can be constructed and up to 20m³ of groundwater abstracted per day without the need for an abstraction licence from the Environment Agency.

Pressurised water supply systems can also be installed, for both domestic and commercial use, including irrigation systems for golf courses, domestic gardens or plant nurseries.

Soakaway boreholes are designed to aid drainage. We have worked for various highways agencies and Councils constructing boreholes for road drainage, treated effluent disposal (for use with sewage treatment systems) or clean water runoff.

A borehole soakaway is used in areas where impermeable soils (clay) overlie permeable strata (chalk). In these cases, the soakage must take place at depth and so a deep bore liner is used. The water is transported from a sealed storage chamber to the borehole by small diameter plastic or steel pipe. By discharging run-off into fissures at depth, the risk of shallow subsidence is reduced. We usually drill soakaway boreholes with a 6″ finished diameter, but they can be constructed to different diameters if specified.

Clean surface water can go straight into the ground. However, there are restrictions regarding the disposal of effluent from septic tanks and sewage treatment systems, as no matter how well treated the effluent is, it is not clean water and presents a risk to people and the environment. All major sewage treatment effluent discharges must be registered with the Environment Agency. This applies to both new and replacement installations.

In all cases the Environment Agency should be consulted to determine whether any restrictions apply. Aquifers provide a large percentage of drinking water in the south east, meaning that they have to be protected against contamination

All our boreholes are constructed using the cable-tool percussion method - preferred by the Environment Agency (EA) when drilling the chalk aquifer - and are logged with the BGS to ensure that they are not at risk from derogation. Our underpinning ethic is that we want to protect the aquifers from which we make our living.

Borehole Maintenance:

We also offer borehole maintenance and development services including airlifting and acidisation.

Alternative drainage options.

CONVENTIONAL SOAKAWAY: A conventional soakaway consists of a partially perforated chamber which allows the draining of water into the surrounding soil.

LAND DRAINAGE: Land drainage consists of perforated pipework laid horizontally to allow soakage into the ground.

SEASONAL INTRUSION SYSTEMS: These systems comprise of land drains which run to a ditch. Generally, they are laid in less permeable soils to allow for times when increased rainfall may water log the ground surrounding the land drain, meaning that the excess water can run off into the ditch.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

H.D. Services are award winning installers of Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump systems. With our experience in drilling and the installation of open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pumps, H.D. Services Ltd are able to provide a one-stop solution for the domestic market throughout South-East England, which includes:

• FREE feasibility study
• COMPLETE supply, installation and commissioning service
• MCS Registration of the installation and supporting workmanship warranties
• EXPERIENCED STAFF who are directly employed by us
• ADVICE AND SUPPORT in applying for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – which can payback the capital investment if the installation qualifies (due for launch Spring 2014)
• ANNUAL maintenance programme

H.D. Services Ltd is a fully MCS accredited and award winning company who aim to provide the highest quality Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump service available in South East England. Our customers can rely on our advice and flexibility to suit their individual requirements.

All drilling works associated with the installation of our Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump systems are carried out in house. We have been constructing water supply and soakaway boreholes in the South East since 1988 and have a vast knowledge of the hydro-geology of the area. Feasibility can generally be confirmed upon receipt of a site postcode.

Why renewable heat?

Open-Loop Ground Source heating can reduce conventional heating bills by over 50%. In a time where energy prices are soaring this is a saving worth investigating. Open-loop systems are the most efficient ground source heat pump option. They extract heat from ground water, usually abstracted from an aquifer via a borehole, which is passed through a heat pump where heat is extracted from the water. The extracted heat is raised in temperature and delivered to the space heating and hot water systems. These systems can provide an environmentally friendly source of heating with significantly lower running costs than conventional heating systems.

This type of system will only work in areas where there is sufficient ground water available. H.D. Services Ltd. specialise in the installation of open-loop systems throughout South-East England, specifically in areas underlain by the chalk aquifer.

Subject to analyses, water extracted from the borehole can be filtered for domestic consumption before being returned to the ground via a harvesting tank. Water from the harvesting tank can be used for garden irrigation and other ‘grey-water’ uses. This harvesting tank is replenished whenever the heat pump is in operation.

An abstraction licence is not required from the Environment Agency provided the abstraction rate does not exceed 20,000 litres per day. To date, no H.D. Services Ltd. Open-loop installation has required an abstraction licence.


Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The RHI is a government backed measure to incentivise people to produce renewable heat. It is similar to the Feed-in-Tariff for renewable electricity. The RHI is administered by the official regulator, Ofgem, who pay the tariffs with money from the treasury.

If your installation is eligible, the RHI can reward you a fixed income for every kWh of heat produced. There are separate RHI schemes for Commercial and Domestic applicants.

The Domestic RHI covers homes in England, Scotland and Wales. It is intended for people who live in homes they own, private landlords, social landlords and people that build their own homes.

Within these categories, anyone who installed a renewable heating system from 15 July 2009 and meet the other eligibility criteria can apply. The system will need to be registered with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).


• Available to home-owners, private landlords and self-builders (including those directly employing a contractor)
• NOT available for new builds or third party owners
• Both the installer and the heat pump unit must be MCS certified
• All equipment must be new at point of commissioning
• System(s) must have been installed on or after 15th July 2009
• Any system installed after the domestic RHI launch date must be applied for within 12 months of commissioning.
• Before applying, home-owners and private landlords must have a Green Deal Assessment (this is not required for self builds due to current efficiency standards within building regulations). During the assessment you will be informed if you need to install loft and cavity wall insulation to qualify. This must be installed prior to making an application unless you have a valid reason why it is not possible. An updated EPC will be supplied with deeming calculations based on your building’s heat losses.

Reduced rate VAT on installations of Ground Source Heat Pumps

A reduced rate of 5% VAT is charged on the installation of energy saving materials in residential accommodation.

For an Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump this includes the heat pump, the pipework, system controls and any other installation ancillary to the supply.


If applying for the RHI, it is a requirement to provide evidence of regular maintenance. H.D Services offer maintenance contracts with all installations.     01494 792 000

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