09 Jan 2018

Warm The Sole has the perfect housewarming present

At Warm The Sole, we have a myriad of solutions to ensure you are in complete comfort in your own home. We also have an iqueue of boffins who can listen to your requests and translate these into a heating system that is energy efficient and value for money.

More than the sum of its parts

When considering the comfort & warmth of your home, many things are considered. In nearly every case they are pondered in isolation. At Warm The Sole we are experts at seeing the complete picture, linking the underfloor heating and radiator systems with the boiler, a thermal store (correctly sized) and your choice of renewable energy sources, if required - this ramps up the efficiency (and cuts the bills).

Save money by using less energy

Our prime objective at Warm The Sole is efficiency. We apply this to our designs vigorously. The end result is a smarter heating system in terms of energy saved, reduction in installation costs and a slashing of the money flowing from your pocket. (You can also expend less energy by using us as a one stop shop for all your heating requirements.)

Add space, style and value to your home

The visual benefits of underfloor heating are undisputed, you can style the room however you wish. Choosing from our extensive range of designer radiators offers similar advantages. Whatever the choice, you can be sure that your home has the ideal heating system, enhancing the look, value and comfort of your property Heating control – when (and where) you want it.

A fundamental aspect of any heating system is the control system. At Warm The Sole we can offer a large choice from the simple clockstat (stylish of course), to a fully integrated app controlled smart home system. The choice is always yours. We will also ensure that all parts of the heating system talk to each other, so there is complete harmony in the running of the system.

Bring your project to life

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We don’t expect that level of endurance from you, just a set of plans and an initial 5 minute chat. From there our design gurus can conjure up something wonderful that enhances your building project helping to create a magical home, for you. (Without the long trek.)

Just give us a call…

design@warmthesole.co.uk     www.warmthesole.co.uk      01463 246600

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