05 Jun 2017

What sets Flooring Megastore apart from the rest?

Buying flooring isn’t perhaps the most exciting purchase but get it right and it will completely transform any interior.

The good news is not only are we flooring experts (Gurus, actually!) in helping you make the right choice but we will make your flooring choice more affordable.

What sets Flooring Megastore apart from the rest?

Our product portfolio
We can go toe to toe with any ‘pile it high - sell it cheap’ retailer - that’s easy. With £1,000s of flooring products kept in stock, we buy in bulk from Europe’s major manufacturers. However, our real expertise is our diversity of products. We offer inspirational, niche floors that you simply won’t be offered elsewhere. So, before committing your order why not pick our brains?

Carpet, wood flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), laminate flooring, cushion vinyl, carpet tiles, safety flooring and artificial grass. All supplied directly from the manufacturers… no costly layers in our supply chain!

What does our huge stock commitment mean to you? Well, because we stock our underlays and carpets in depth it means we buy keener… considerably keener than the average High Street retailer, in fact.

Our supreme customer care
We reckon we're pretty damn good but how do we back up our self-proclaimed Flooring Guru status? TrustPilot, that’s how! Spend a few minutes reading our genuine reviews from genuine customers on TrustPilot’s site. You will see how much we care about our reputation and because our reputation means so much to us it translates into you experiencing the easiest flooring purchase you could ever make.

Our flooring world credentials
True, we've been around the block a bit. With 30 years in the trade, we deal direct with all of Europe’s manufacturers. With countless factory visits under our belts, we know how every product is made and we can articulate the pros and cons of them all. This means we can quickly assess your situation and identify the most suitable products for you and your budget.

Our better shopping experience
We're a cheery bunch of flooring nerds. We save you money. We execute a highly professional installation and make the whole process easy for you. It really is that simple… but few are capable of carrying out this straight forward process.

Come and visit us in store, give us a buzz, use our online LiveChat or email. We have a trendy, comfortable flooring design showroom that inspires your decision making. Not only does our showroom display some highly fashionable niche products, as well as commodity ones, but we can also offer a stupendous selection of high quality beverages including top notch coffees, hot chocolate and Earl Grey tea. Prefer decaffeinated? No problem; we've even got that covered!

If all this fails to ignite your interior design fire, stroke our office Border Collie; he won't mind.

We supply and install for both residential and commercial projects of all sizes and can even produce your very own bespoke carpet.

Whether online or in store you will find unparalleled, diverse product choice, easy to understand expert advice all wrapped up in supreme customer care.

Uncompromising quality, permanently low prices… we’re the Flooring Gurus.

info@flooringmegastore.co.uk     www.flooringmegastore.co.uk      01622 790 356

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