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05 Mar 2021


Especially suitable for Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and other vinyl flooring, the Floor Care Kit is used to clean and maintain interior flooring with ease – plus pads and furniture protectors are also included!

Floor Care Kit Breakdown

Clean and Strip 750ml
Removes the remains of old care products, stubborn stains and adhesive residue on newly installed or heavily soiled floors.
Coverage: 30-50m2/L

Floor Mat 750ml
Simply mop over your floor to add an extra protective layer and make day to day cleaning even easier.
Coverage: 20m2/L

Floor Cleaner R1000 750ml
Cleans, protects and adds safety to your flooring in one step.
Coverage: 1000m2/L

Pads and Protectors

Use the supplied white pad for application and the green pad for intensive cleaning. Simply place the protectors onto the feet of your chairs, table legs and other furniture to protect your floor from scratching.


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