19 Mar 2020

The first choice for premium decking design: Millboard

This unique material combines mineral stone and polyurethane and is tough enough to use in outdoor environments all year round. Hand-moulded from natural timbers, these boards are virtually indistinguishable from real wood, but outperform it on every level. These boards won’t warp, rot or split and because there’s no wood or plastic content at all, there’s nothing that can be affected by damp issues or insect larvae. And to achieve the authentic natural look, the mould masters for the Millboard range are carefully selected. The Weathered Oak collection, for example, is moulded from 100-year-old French railway carriage planks. This selection imbues the finished product with a satisfying sense of history and an immediate aged appearance for the perfect, lived-in finish. Each length is carefully hand-coloured in the incredible true-to-life tonal shades that are Millboard’s signature feature. This level of detail reflects Millboard’s desire to provide the most authentic-looking product available on the market today.

Millboard decking is consistently chosen for prestigious rooftop terraces, country estates and celebrity gardens and offers a wide range of uses. Despite establishing itself as an outdoor premium flooring, its ease of use (it can be cut and used just as regular timber would be) and water-resistant properties means that it has been creatively deployed in many different ways. Millboard decking has been used for low-maintenance planter boxes outside big-name chain restaurants, as all-weather seating areas in public areas, as tabletops, feature walls, cladding and gating. It’s versatility and slip-resistance lends it to being the ideal choice for swimming pool surrounds and high footfall areas such as bridges and tourist attractions.

The company offers a colour palette and selection of textures to complement any design scheme, from the slick and contemporary Brushed Basalt to the dreamy and rustic Enhanced Grain. Its versatility has been demonstrated in its wide portfolio of uses from city skyscrapers to suburban gardens.

The adaptability of the material has seen it feature in many prominent garden and horticulture shows. From featuring in David Harber’s Best in Show Trade Stand at the Chelsea Garden Show to taking centre stage and winning the gold medal at the Ideal Home Show, Millboard has consistently attracted recognition for its stand-out qualities. The design behind the Ideal Home Show win featured Weathered Oak decking, used in a contemporary Javan garden. The bespoke garden wall incorporated Millboard decking into planter boxes, water features and lighting arrangements.

Unsurprisingly, the company’s growth has been swift and its position as an industry leader has been confirmed with ISOs, accreditations, awards, and television and media appearances. Millboard understands the value that architects place on Millboard being crafted in the UK, to rigorous performance and ethical standards. The company is therefore focused on continued sustainability and is the first premium outdoor flooring company in the world to have its carbon footprint independently verified and UKAS accredited, to the international standard ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark. Millboard is committed to producing decking that enhances the great outdoors without damaging the planet.

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