15 Oct 2018

Helping self builders’ sustainable spec

Many self-builders set out to build as sustainably as possible. When it comes to paint, one company specialises in sustainable specification but goes beyond that to deliver excellent performance and aesthetics.

Earthborn uses carefully selected ingredients and technologically advanced manufacturing processes. No oils or acrylics means high breathability and no toxic emissions. Breathability is important, as walls sealed with conventional acrylic based paints are susceptible to moisture damage.

Earthborn’s range includes interior and exterior paint, specialist finishes for interior wood and furniture, wallpaper paste and primers.

Its flagship product is Claypaint, an exciting alternative to emulsion, which provides a distinctive, ultra matt finish with great covering power and performance. Containing no oils or acrylics, Claypaint is virtually VOC free and does not give off any toxic emissions. That means it is safer for the health of building occupants as well as the environment. It is Ecolabel approved.

Having recently completed his own oak framed home in Hampshire, Joe Shimbart said: “Claypaint stood out from my research because of its outstanding breathability and beautiful matt finish. It creates a warm, homely effect.

“In practical terms, it was easy to use. Two coats achieved full coverage and, because it is water based, brushes washed out easily. The lack of emissions meant I never felt nauseous using Claypaint, unlike with acrylic paints.”

Other Earthborn products include:

• Lifestyle - durable, washable emulsion
• Eggshell No 17 - interior wood finish with a silk sheen
• Eco Chic - creamy, clay based furniture paint
• Ecopro Emulsions and Eggshell - high performance, low odour alternatives
• Ecopro silicate masonry system - hardwearing, weatherproof, breathable alternative to modern masonry paints and traditional limewash.

Earthborn has an outstanding colour palette. Bespoke shades can be developed through its nationwide network of stockists.


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