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25 Jun 2021

Time Well Spent with Drainage Superstore

Spending time outdoors can be a great way to relax and unwind, but no one wants to spend more money or time on a DIY project than they planned to.

Fortunately, whether you’re looking for a little evening job, something to tackle over a weekend or an even larger landscaping task for over the summer, online retailer Drainage Superstore has everything you need to stay on track, and on budget.

Post-work projects

Whether you’re working remotely or have returned to the office, there are lots of little landscaping jobs that can still be fitted in around work and the lighter evenings can provide the perfect opportunity. And one of the easiest yet most effective garden updates you can make is the installation of a water butt or rainwater harvesting system.

This is a cost-effective way to take advantage of the rainy British weather by collecting rainwater which can then be used to water the plants in the garden. Water butts are becoming increasingly popular as they can help reduce household water consumption, which is great for both the environment and your pocket. They are also now available in a variety of styles and colours so that it’s easier than ever to create a design feature out of a functional bit of kit.

Drainage Superstore has all of the bits and pieces you may need, and if you have to install or move a downpipe, our team of advisors can help you along the way.

Weekend wonders

Putting aside an extra couple of days to take on a bigger job means that you can start to look at getting your garden or outdoor space in the best shape for the summer. A pressure washer is a great way to remove dirt and grime from patios, paths and decking and many compact versions are now available to make storage even easier.

A weekend is also a good time to repair and mend any fence panels and gate posts that may have become damaged over the winter months. Once everything has been cleaned and fixed to look its best, a popular way to give your borders and gravelled areas a quick makeover is to choose a decorative building aggregate such as colourful gravel, cobbles, pebbles or slate chippings. Not only can such aggregates give your outdoor space an aesthetic boost but they can also help improve drainage.

Time to expand

When a garden is more in need of a full makeover rather than just a little maintenance, it’s necessary to invest a little more time and effort and some of the most effective projects you can get stuck into are those than create extra space, storage or just make the area more useable.

Adding a shed is one of the best ways to do all of this, but it doesn’t have to just be a place to store your lawnmower and bikes. The recent trend for home working has seen a massive increase in people using sheds and summer houses as home offices and creating your own bespoke workplace isn’t as tricky as you might think. There are lots of different sizes, styles and price ranges to choose from and most sheds can be easily transformed by installing utilities such as electricity and water, and can be made more thermally-efficient and comfortable with the addition of insulation. As well as offering a flexible range of sheds and summerhouses, Drainage Superstore can also offer a flexible range of finance options to help spread the cost.

Whatever you’re looking for a way to fit some little jobs in around your busy home and work life or have more time on your hands, the new expanded landscaping range at Drainage Superstore can help you successfully take on DIY jobs both large and small.

For more information and inspiration on how you can change your landscape, visit our website. You can also follow CMOStores.com on LinkedIn and Drainage Superstore on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest information.


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