21 Dec 2020

Golf Course Irrigation & Water Supply Boreholes


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Water Supply Boreholes: Sustainable and Practical

Many golf courses opt for a water supply borehole to feed their irrigation systems, as they offer more long-term benefits than taking a water supply directly from the mains.

Boreholes allow a golf course to extract water directly from the ground, which is a sustainable water source that can be used time and time again. Water supply boreholes require minimum maintenance and can often exceed the required amount of water to satisfy the Greenkeepers needs.

As well as being self-sufficient and practical, many golf courses can achieve long-term financial benefits over using a mains supply, due to the high volume of water required to maintain the courses - the more you use, the more you pay. This continues to be more so year on year with mains water prices increasing. With a borehole, you are not charged for your water usage, you incur only the running costs of the pumps and alarms.

So, if you are paying more than a few thousand per year for water, it may be useful to get a consultation for your very own water supply borehole.

Greys Green Golf Club: Water Supply Borehole

Not far from Henley-on-Thames, Greys Green Golf Course offers terrific views and challenging play for golfers at every skill level. However, the well-groomed fairways and greens do not happen by chance. Greys Green Golf Club have a fully functional water supply borehole achieving up to 20,000 litres/day to feed the irrigation system for their greens.

HD Services: One Company for Sustainable Water Supply

The team at HD Services can provide the full package when it comes to a sustainable water supply to feed your irrigation system.

Similarly to Greys Greens, Hazlemere and Sandy Lodge Golf Club, the HD Services team can provide a complete service for your course:

•  Site surveys
•  Construction of water supply borehole
•  Installation of liners
•  Borehole pumps (including replacements)
•  Test pumping
•  Commissioning
•  EA application support
•  Aftercare and maintenance contracts

For a consultation or site survey of your golf course, please contact the HD Services team to discuss your water supply options.

enquiries@thehdgroup.co.uk     www.hdservicesltd.co.uk     01494 792 000

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