29 Apr 2020

H.D. Services’ response to COVID-19

We are taking all necessary precautions in relation to the safety of our staff and clients, following Government and PHE guidelines. Our staff have been advised of safe working practices in relation to COVID-19 to enable us to provide essential services to you.

We have implemented the following changes to our on-site practices to ensure we are doing as much as we can to protect our staff and clients:

• All workers arrive to site in separate vehicles
• Only two workers at one time on site
• Observance of the two-meter social distancing rule
• Facemasks are worn at all times
• Handwash is provided for each worker and access to water to enable regular handwashing.

There may be periods where we are short-staffed, and our resources stretched, so we ask that you be patient and try and bear with us.

If you have scheduled work due to be carried out, we request that you inform us before the date of the visit if you or any member of your family are displaying any symptoms or are self-isolating. While it may not prevent us from undertaking the scheduled work, we would need to make our staff aware and will have to re-schedule work if it cannot be undertaken without contact.

In the event that we are forced to close, we will ensure you are informed either directly or by updating the website to reflect this and will try to advise other avenues of support where possible.

Good luck in the coming months and feel free to contact us if you require anything – we will do our best to support where we can.

enquiries@thehdgroup.co.uk     www.hdservicesltd.co.uk     01494 792 000

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