31 Mar 2020

See the whole picture with launch of new VELUX STUDIO window

The innovative, one-frame design features two VELUX centre-pivot roof windows on either side of a fixed unit to bring in even more daylight and offer a wider, more impressive view.

By utilising a solar conversion kit, VELUX STUDIO can be remotely operated via VELUX INTEGRA® technology, offering greater flexibility to homeowners who want better control of their indoor environment.

The VELUX STUDIO window offers a number of unique benefits to the trade, including:

• It’s easy to order as only one product code and one flashing package are required to order

• The innovative one-frame module follows a standard installation process so you can save time and get the job done in one day

• Having three glazing units in one integrated solution makes installing multiple windows a whole lot easier

Grant Sneddon, product manager for VELUX, said: “We are ecstatic to be launching our new VELUX STUDIO window, a revolutionary product in the roof window market.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate our offering to installers, merchants and homeowners so we can continue to be market leaders in providing roof window solutions that offer the best in daylight and ventilation capabilities and create healthier home environments. VELUX STUDIO does exactly that.

“In comparison to a similar triple combination VELUX roof window installation, VELUX STUDIO’s all-in-one mechanism provides a more cost effective solution and brings in 23% more daylight.”

VELUX STUDIO is currently available in size FK06 (1837 x 1178mm), white painted finish, double and triple glazed variants with slate or tile flashing kits that include all installation products (usually sold separately). Prices start from £1,017 excl. VAT.


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