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15 Oct 2019

The perfect partner for your timber frame

Timber frame is just one of many types of construction. However, it is arguably the most flexible, efficient and sustainable method. At English Brothers, the company takes those key benefits of timber frame construction and uses them to maximum advantage.

Timber frame specialist, English Brothers combines expertise and knowledge of self-build, the very latest design and engineering technology coupled with the benefit of good old-fashioned experience (you can’t buy that off the shelf) and tops it off with a large helping of customer service.

As a manufacturer, the company takes its environmental responsibility very seriously. Choosing to use timber as a means to construct new homes is already a significant step towards building more sustainably that would otherwise be the case. It’s obvious why.

timber comes from trees, and as trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen at the same time. Plus, the more trees that are used the more that are planted, and the more CO2 is absorbed.

Apart from the environmental benefits, there are plenty of other reasons to use timber frame for your self-build project. The frame is an engineered product, carefully designed and manufactured to ensure it can be delivered, erected and made watertight and secure very quickly.

Your build programme is less likely to be affected by adverse weather conditions than traditional masonry construction so continuity is improved, and this means you are far more likely to move into your new home on time.

Overall construction time is reduced too, sometimes by up to two months but a more realistic expectation is one month. Timber frame construction also allows you plenty of flexibility when it comes to thermal performance.

If you choose an English Brothers timber frame, not only do you have virtually an infinite choice when it comes to thermal performance, but you can also choose the type of insulation you want to use.

Then there’s the cost savings which are two-fold: overall budget savings and reduced running costs. Timber framed construction is almost always less expensive than other forms of mainstream construction. You will also save money when it comes to heating your home.

Building with timber frame means you have lots of options when it comes to thermal performance, but even using a fairly standard insulated timber frame system you’ll achieve excellent u-values and airtightness meaning you’ll need to put less heat into your new home to keep it warm.

English Brothers is not like most timber frame manufacturers. It only produces one-off bespoke timber frames, so it has set up its factory to be flexible enough to meet the needs of its self-build clients rather than high outputs as demanded by the big developers.

By not conforming to the more commonly accepted principles of manufacturing it can quickly adapt to changes to specification and design. All of its timber frame panels are assembled by hand, by a very experienced team.

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