26 Sep 2019

The Benefits of Bi-Fold Door Installation

Bi-fold doors have, in recent times, become a popular residential or commercial design choice. Not only do they look gorgeous, create the illusion of greater space and bring in that all-important natural light, but they may increase property value too.

Continue reading as we discuss the several benefits of having bi-fold doors installed.

Space efficient

Bi-fold doors are far more space-efficient than traditional patio or French doors. Their slim profile and ability to fold back onto themselves means they take up little space, making them especially convenient in homes where there may not be abundant room to move around.

This type of door also helps to eradicate the barrier between our indoor space and our garden/patio area, allowing us to freely move between them, which makes hosting events, such as social gatherings, parties and summer BBQs, much more pleasant.

Stylish and customisable

There’s a reason bi-fold doors are all the rage right now - they offer a stylish and sleek way to help modernise a property. Blending well with an array of interiors, these doors can provide a luxurious addition to any home or commercial space.

Most suppliers will also offer a bespoke service, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colours and materials, as well as customising the width and number of splits you decide to have fitted. You can even choose whether you wish to have the doors open into or out of a room, or fold towards the right or the left, making them a versatile option for a wide range of spaces, customer requirements and interior styles.

Natural light

One of the main reasons that people choose to invest in bi-fold doors is the significant amount of natural light they deliver. Whether open or closed, bi-fold doors bring in the most amount of sunlight into the home, which can transform an otherwise dark and dreary room into a brighter, lighter one.

Bi-fold doors characteristically have wide, slim, glass frames, drawing the eyes to the space outside, thus giving the illusion that the room and surrounding areas are bigger than they actually are.

People may also reap the health benefits associated with natural sunlight, such as boosts in Vitamin D levels, improved moods and healthier sleep patterns.


Keeping property safe is a constant concern for any homeowner, especially where they may be absent for long periods of time. The back of the house is, on many occasions, the easiest and most obvious place for a burglar to enter, which is why taking steps to safeguard against access is important.

Many people appreciate the higher level of security offered with contemporary bi-fold doors, of which a multi-point locking system is included as standard, as opposed to the singular locking point that other types of glass doors may typically have.

Customers may also decide to have an access door installed within the overall frame, which works in the same way as a standard door and generates an easy, quick point of entry/exit when need be.

Increase property value

Whilst installing brand new bi-fold doors won’t come cheap, the value they can add to a property in the long-run often makes them a worthwhile investment.

High-quality bi-fold doors, using the best available materials and fitted by experts, should last for decades. Moreover, their inherent durability means they can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

Lower maintenance

Bi-fold doors do not encompass multiple frames or panes, which means they tend to require lower maintenance and are easier to clean than other types of doors.

However, as with all glass doors and windows, a semi-regular spring-clean with detergent is wise, and helps keep them looking as fresh as can be.

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