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15 Oct 2018

Bring the light in

Flatglass rooflights are an ideal way to enhance your extension.

Extensions are an excellent opportunity to improve your living space and add value to your property. When it comes to planning and designing your extension with your architect, you will no doubt carefully consider the desired natural light, ventilation and thermal efficiency for this new living space, all while doing everything you can to make it look as good as possible.

Why would you settle for traditional windows then, when a Flatglass rooflight can offer you up to three times more daylight? Aside from the benefit of additional daylight, Flatglass rooflights can also help you to regulate the temperature of your extension. Hinged Flatglass rooflights will provide you with natural ventilation as and when you want it, ensuring that you do not get too hot and stuffy in the summer.

Modern glass rooflights are often now just as thermally-efficient as traditional brickwork and roof structures, with Solar Control glass options available to help you to keep your extension at just the right temperature throughout the year.

Flatglass rooflights don’t necessarily have to be square or rectangular. Every extension is unique, so if your rooflight needs to be circular or even triangular then this is something that a leading rooflight manufacturer would be able to accommodate for you.

Our most popular sizes of Flatglass rooflights are available to buy online at roofglaze., but if these stock options don’t fit the bespoke needs of your extension then please call us on 01480 474 797 to discuss your project further.

Here at Roofglaze, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Flatglass rooflights since 2002. Our expert team of friendly staff are on hand to talk you through the specification process and advise you on the best rooflight solution for your extension.      01223 498610

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