02 Nov 2017

Thermal insulation at its best: only from Hörmann!

With less temperature fluctuation than the loft, the garage can make an ideal living space, and Hörmann’s latest design of sectional garage door, the LPU 67, offers the best insulation properties to date. With 67mm thick polyurethane foam filled panels and double-lip seals on all four sides, the LPU 67 Thermo sectional garage door has been designed to achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/(m².K). As the winter months approach, homeowners can be reassured that these are the company’s lowest ever U-values, with the latest design providing 30% better thermal insulation than the LPU 42 sectional garage door. Hörmann’s optional ThermoFrame also creates a thermal break between the frame and brickwork, increasing thermal efficiency by up to 10%. This level of insulation makes the garage a much more usable space, providing an opportunity to use it for anything from office space to a gym, home office or utility room.

For those wanting to give the interior of their door an exclusive look the premium version of the LPU 67 Thermo comes with fitting parts, frames, tracks and connection rails in a high-quality polyester powder coating in Grey white RAL 9002.

Having supplied the UK market with sectional garage doors for over 30 years, the range proudly represents Hörmann’s ability to meet the changing needs of homeowners, as well as the technology needed to meet legislative demands. So whatever your budget and design challenge may be, Hörmann has the technology, variety and expertise to deliver the perfect style of garage door.

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