March 2020

Welcome to the March edition of i-build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.


Over the years, we've seen a multitude of self-builds pass through the pages of i-Build magazine; however, never has there been more emphasis on home renovations than in this month's issue. As well as master home renovators, there's also been a surge in rookie millennials entering the home-building scene in a bid to get a foot on the housing ladder. Instagram is brimming with first-time home renovators and builders; documenting their progress towards 'home sweet home' and seeking advice on homebuilding components.

For those taking on their very own home renovation project, this month; you're in luck. March’s issue is jampacked with advice on refurbishing. Firstly, on page 12, Adrian Judd, Operations Director at Steico UK, explains how sustainability can be integrated into existing buildings in the form of retrofitting. Elsewhere, Mortgage Expert, Michael Usher, talks of the financial options available for funding renovation projects. Please turn to page 14 to read his advice. And, Shropshire farmer-cum-homerenovator Bob Griffiths, explains how he protected his 20th-century threebedroom bungalow from the elements when refurbishing.

Last but by no means least, our star home renovation award this month goes to Amanda and Oliver Adams. When the husband-and-wife team came across a late Victorian terraced home on London's Temperley Road, the pair knew it would serve them well over the years. When the time came to make room for a growing family; the build did not disappoint. Having worked with Adams+Collingwood Architects, Amanda and Oliver now have an envious, spacious home with a 50% bigger living space. To take a look around the Adams family's new home, turn to page 16.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Don’t forget, if you’re coming to the end of your self-build and would like us to feature your dream home as inspiration for other budding self-builders, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re about to embark on your self-build journey and would be keen for us to document your progress, do get in contact.