August 2022

Welcome to the August edition of i-Build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.


Designing and building your own home requires your undivided attention. Ask any self-builder or home renovator and they’ll tell you that not only is the process stressful but the, often quick-fire, choices that you must make result in a tiring – albeit worthwhile – experience. Add full accessibility considerations and a heightened sense of functionality to the demanding process, and you’re certainly upping the ante.

This was the exact situation that homeowner Jo Wright faced when it came to altering her living arrangements. For Jo – who developed a spinal epidural abscess, resulting in the loss of movement in her legs – building a new home meant focusing on ease of use and the ability to move effortlessly around her home in her wheelchair. In this month’s issue, we talk to Jo about how she devised and built her brand-new, aesthetically-stunning space, and she highlights those all-important accessibility and functionality design details. Jo and her family’s home is the perfect example of establishing a fair balance between an accessible home and one that is beautifully designed. Turn to page 18 to read her full story.

Following Jo’s inspiring build, we also talk to Yola Mealing, Head of Brand at Stiltz Homelifts, for her top tips on how you can futureproof your home to accommodate for accessibility essentials later in life. Here, Yola explains what you should incorporate into your early design plans to make future adaptability straightforward and lists off everything you’ll need to bear in mind when it comes to stairs, bathrooms and present-day technology. Turn to page 10 to read more from this article.

Lastly, when chatting to IQ Glass about a charming pub conversion in London’s Highgate Hill, we made the most of the self-build aficionado’s expertise and asked for a few tips on designing for accessibility, too. You can read these tips and find out more about its recent involvement with the enchanting pub transformation on page 24.


Rebecca Kemp