March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of i-Build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.

This month marks one whole year since our first-ever national lockdown. Throughout 2020, we were inspired by renovations, self-builds and modest DIY projects that have been swarming the internet and magazines. 12 months after lockdown 1.0 and not only are we seeing masses of self-builds and home renovations come to a completion, but we’re also witnessing a few new arrival announcements. With what’s been dubbed a ‘COVID baby boom’ expected for this year, many soon-to-be and current self-builders, decorators and renovators are turning their thoughts to nursery designs. To celebrate, this month we’ve created a special spread that’s bursting with nursery ideas. So, whether it’s your first, second or ninth born, if you’re expecting a boy or a girl – or perhaps even twins – you’ll find plenty of inspiration on pages 06-07.

Elsewhere in this month’s edition, we prove that size doesn’t really matter, and you don’t need to spend fortunes on a large existing structure with acres of land to create something impressive. In this edition’s Rural Retreat feature, we talk to Caroline Palk from Ashton House Design about a small-scale renovation she undertook in Dartmoor. What was once a dilapidated outbuilding is now a guest annexe containing a studio suite with a bedroom, sitting room and shower room. Turn to page 14 to read the full story.

Meanwhile, on page 26, home renovator Rose McDonnell talks to me about her recently-completed renovation that her son charmingly named ‘Peckham Palace’. In this interview, Rose explains how she and her husband, Rupert, weren’t the most popular neighbours on the street whilst extensive renovations were underway (they’re not the only ones to experience this, I’m sure!). Last but by no means least, AR Design Studio and The Myers Touch talk us through the awe-inspiring, ultra-contemporary design of Abbots Way, a stunning five-bedroom house that’s bordered by mature trees and a small lake. Get your Pinterest boards at the ready and turn to page 20 to be truly amazed.

Rebecca Kemp Editor


Rebecca Kemp