October 2017

Welcome to the October edition of i-build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.


There are many elements to consider when reaching retirement; organising financial planning, tracing any previous pension pots and, of course, living arrangements. The latter of this trio may come with great enthusiasm to many who have been fantasising about their dream retirement dwelling over the years.

Numerous retirees decide to undertake the self-build route when reaching retirement age; whether as a ‘hobby’ to keep them busy in the early years or to build a home that is specifically tailored to their needs. The concept, however, often isn’t part of everyone’s masterplan. This was the precise circumstance that Dorset couple Charles and Pennie stumbled across when they came by an old bungalow with great potential. The couple didn’t intend to build their very own home when reaching retirement, however, when the opportunity presented itself it only took the couple a split-second to fall into the world of self-building.

The outstanding single-storey cantilever house has provided the couple with a pictureperfect home to enjoy their retirement in. They opted for specific requirements to safeguard their future living necessities and architect practice, Strom Architects, responded with an aesthetically-pleasing and functional design that suits Charles and Pennie’s needs both now and in the future. To read more about Charles and Pennie’s exceptional contemporary self-build, turn to page 24.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Don’t forget, if you’re coming to the end of your self-build and would like us to feature your home as inspiration for other budding house-builders, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re about to embark on your self-build journey and would be keen for us to document your progress, do get in contact.