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04 Nov 2020

Eco-friendly Renovations That Will Refresh Your Home

Whilst 2020 has offered us a range of crises to focus on, the long-standing climate crisis still warrants our full attention. There are multiple ways we, as individuals, can contribute to climate care. One of which is to make our homes – as well as our entire lifestyles – more sustainable.


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Home renovations are undeniably exciting, but they can be exceptionally wasteful. When homeowners strive to keep up to date with all the latest decorating trends, a huge amount of waste is continuously created. It’s now more important than ever for homeowners to shift their focus to how they can be more sustainable. However, you don’t have to compromise on style or miss out on what’s trending.

Aliwood Roof Lanterns was set up with a powerful ethos of sustainability in mind. So much so that Aliwood ensures it does all it can to lower its carbon footprint and minimise its impact on the environment. Here, Jonathan Hey, the Founder of Aliwood Roof Lanterns, has provided his insight into the multiple eco-friendly home renovations you can make, that will leave you feeling refreshed in your sustainable space.

Choose local, recycled materials

It’s good practice to approach local manufacturers when looking to buy materials for your renovation. You can even strive to reuse old materials that you currently have at home. Both options will have an immediate reduction on your carbon footprint. Let’s say, for example; you wanted to lay down some new wooden flooring in your living room. You may be able to purchase some timber from a local arborist. Not only does this practice help to reduce your carbon footprint, but it also does a lot to support local businesses and manufacturers.

You will, inevitably, need to shop for new materials here and there. When doing this, always make sure to scrutinise each brand in order to identify where their materials are sourced from, as well as whether their products can be recycled. The roof lanterns developed by Aliwood, for example, are made with 100% recyclable material that is locally sourced in close proximity to the workshop.

Window design

On the topic of roof lanterns, it’s worth considering window design in the endeavour to ensure your home is as eco-friendly as can be. A home functions as a natural partition between us and the environment of the outside world. Something that’s important to note, however, is that nature can be utilised in order to create a more sustainable home.

There is an architectural movement, known as Passive design, that encourages us to harness the sun’s natural rays in order to both heat and cool our home. Passive design can be integrated into our home renovations in order to increase energy efficiency without the necessity to raise costs. In fact, the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme has conducted research that proves exactly this. Placing windows on the north side of your home, for example, will allow the adjacent rooms to absorb heat directly from the sun, resulting in a naturally warm home at no extra cost.

Sustainable features

Whilst doing all we can to make our home eco-friendly is certainly important, no one can be blamed for wanting to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their space. After all, your home won’t feel as comfortable if it doesn’t reflect your personality. Fortunately, there are multiple renovations that won’t sabotage the overall appearance of your space – inside or out.

Solar panels are a great, and rather attractive, addition to any roof. Or, you could go so far as to invest in a green roof. These are exceptionally easy to build and excellent for the environment. They also offer a form of garden space – something that is increasingly popular in areas where garden space is limited. A green roof will naturally keep your energy costs down as the copious amount of soil used in its development will do its part in insulating your home. It will also create a mini microclimate above your home, ultimately protecting your roof from any elemental exposure.

Natural insulation

When seeking to insulate your home through natural means (aside from window placement and green roofs), there are multiple materials worth utilising. Sheep’s wool, hemp, wood fibre and even recycled newspaper will all function as tremendous insulation. The sustainable option is the best option, mainly due to the fact that these forms of insulation can usually be recycled in full when necessary. But on top of this, they also provide a suitable level of thermal efficiency and have excellent acoustic properties.

Maximum natural light

The sun is, without a doubt, the best source of renewable energy there is. With this in mind, it frankly makes no sense not to use this to your advantage. Skylights and roof lanterns are an excellent solution to the lack of natural light that many homes suffer from. When it comes to feeling refreshed, nothing will work quite as well as healthy exposure to natural light. This is not only good for the body, but for the mind too.

A sustainably-produced skylight or roof lantern is more than just a great addition to your home, however. They’re also an excellent investment as, along with the natural reduction of energy costs, they will almost certainly raise the value of your property. There are multiple eco-friendly ways in which you can refresh your home. Implementing them will not only improve your quality of life but will also play a part in improving the quality of life of every living thing on our planet.

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